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Sudan abolishes death penalty for apostasy, reforms Islamist laws after 3 decades

Originally published in The Christian Post The transitional government in Sudan passed a series of amendments that repeal the death sentence for apostasy, public flogging and female genital mutilation, giving Christians hope for the future following the toppling of the Islamist regime of President Omar al-Bashir last year. Sudanese Minister […]

European MPs: Support Christian rights!

[notice]This news and commentary comes from Citzen Go, an online activist community promoting life, family and liberty[/notice] The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly has overwhelmingly supported the right of Christians to observe their faith at the workplace and in the education of their children. The resolution called, “Tackling intolerance and discrimination […]

Atheists lose appeal to remove “Ground Zero cross”

Originally published in Christian Today The American Atheists lost their appeal on Monday, and the “Ground Zero cross” will remain at the 9/11 memorial site. The atheists alleged that the cross violated religious freedom protections, but a three-judge panel found that the cross was not just a religious symbol. The cross […]

UK lawyer to brief SA Christians on danger of anti-Christian laws

United Kingdom barrister Paul Diamond, who specialises in defending the rights of Christians in a culture that has become hostile to believers, will address  a church conference in Stellenbosch next week. Shofar Conference Speakers Other speakers at the conference  include the fathers of the modern worship movement Brian Doerksen (Canada) […]