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Courageous Christian woman survives rape in Sudan and braves dangers to save orphans

Originally published in The Blaze Poverty, starvation and illiteracy are just a few of the tragic problems facing children and families in Sudan and South Sudan, where violence continues to rage following South Sudan’s independence in 2011. While these issues are monumental in scope and seemingly unsolvable, that hasn’t stopped […]

Christian tightrope walker breaks two world records between Chicago skyscrapers

Originally published in Huffington Post Christian tightrope walker Nik Wallenda completed two record-breaking tightrope walks on live television on Sunday night. Wallenda, a seventh-generation performer, first walked across the Chicago River on a rope strung between the Marina City west tower and the Leo Burnett Building in Chicago. Starting at a […]

An invincible summer within

[notice]A monthly column by Marcel van der Watt, lecturer in the Department of Police Practice at UNISA, former police detective, and current member of the Gauteng Rapid Response Task Team for Human Trafficking.[/notice] Since early childhood I always found great fascination in the ‘human’ ability to endure and persevere despite […]