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Baptists call on CRL Rights Commission to withdraw proposal to regulate religion

While it is disturbed by apparent abuses within religious communities, the cure proposed by the CRL Rights Commission — to regulate religious bodies and licence religious practitioners — would be a thousand times worse than the described disease, says the Christian Citizenship Network of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa. Calling on the commission […]

CRL report on regulation of religion delayed

In last week’s Gateway News, we reported on the recent meeting with religious and traditional leaders to discuss the outcome of the CRL Rights Commission’s investigation into the ‘commercialisation’ of religion and abuse of people’s belief systems, and in particular the Commission’s proposed regulation of religion. At the meeting, the […]

CRL Commission moves quickly to regulate religion in South Africa

On Tuesday (October 11), Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) joined 50+ religious and traditional leaders invited to a meeting at the CRL Rights Commission, to discuss the Commission’s findings and recommendations following its recent controversial investigation into the “commercialisation” of religion and abuse of people’s belief systems in […]

Churches probe: CRL Commission ‘willing to talk, but not willing to stop’

On Tuesday, November 17, Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA), along with leaders from various religions and faith communities, participated in a meeting convened by the Commission for Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Commission, a state institution established in terms of Chapter 9 of the Constitution) […]