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Parliamentary committee invites FOR SA to make full presentation on objections to religious regulation proposals

Parliamentary portfolio committees this week heard the conflicting views of the CRL Rights Commission and the religious sector — represented by Freedom of Religion SA (FOR SA) — on how to deal with commercialisation of religion and other abuses in the religious arena. At a workshop at parliament on Tuesday […]

CRL meeting with parliament today on state silencing of religion

Despite serious concerns expressed by the South African faith community, the CRL Rights Commission is heading to parliament today (Tuesday June 27) to present their final report on the “Commercialisation of Religion and Abuse of People’s Belief Systems” to several portfolio committees, says Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) in […]

Parliament to consider compulsory licensing of pastors, churches in June

The CRL Rights Commission has indicated that its final report on the “Commercialisation of Religion and Abuse of People’s Belief Systems”, which recommends broad-scale regulation of religion in South Africa, will be presented to parliament in June. At this stage the presentation to parliament will have no immediate legal effect. […]

Gauteng pastor writes open letter opposing regulation of religion

Gauteng church leader, author and television personality Pastor Enoch Phiri this week published an open letter to CRL Commission chairperson Mkhwanazi Xaluva expressing concerns with the commission’s proposals to regulate religion in South Africa. The CRL which wants laws to regulate faith-based organisations is expected to table a report next month […]

Say “no” to regulation of religion before February 28!

In October 2016, the CRL Rights Commission released its Report on the “commercialisation” of religion and abuse of people’s belief systems. The Report recommends the broad-scale regulation of religion in South Africa, including the compulsory registration and licensing (depending on doctrine) of all religious institutions and religious practitioners. The deadline […]