Christians assist in rescue of Holocaust survivors from final onslaught on their lives — Vivienne Myburgh

Russian invasion of Ukraine triggers most urgent aliyah campaign on record As the war rages on in the Ukraine, Christians worldwide are making it possible for Ukrainian and Russian Holocaust survivors to escape to Israel.  This is “the most urgent, massive aliyah operation we’ve ever been involved in,” said David Parsons, vice […]

Christian Embassy brings 65 South African Jews home to Israel

Yesterday the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) sponsored a rescue flight for 65 South African Jews who were allowed to make aliyah to Israel, even amid the current tight travel restrictions. The flight tickets were funded through a special donation of the ICEJ-South Africa branch, and marked its second emergency […]

ICEJ stands with Israel, calls for prayer for peace

By Dr Susan Michael, USA director of ICEJ — Originally published in Charisma News A Zoom meeting this week of the global leadership of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was abruptly interrupted by the sounds of sirens as the international participants watched the Jerusalem-based participants run into their bomb shelters. […]