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God’s grace and the benefits of serving with an entrepreneurial mindset

[notice]Rising young African woman entrepreneur Kega Florence Mukwevho testifies about God’s hand in positioning her to prosper in business and create employment opportunities in South Africa. She is the founder of MKP Fast Foods and has been impacted by Umbono’s IEDT fund. —Originally published by Leaders In Transformation.[/notice]  When I […]

SA man honoured as ‘Biblical Entrepreneurship teacher of the year’

Crossover Transformation group founder, Patrick Kuwana has been awarded the “Biblical Entrepreneurship teacher of the year” accolade by the United States based Nehemiah Project International. The Biblical Entrepreneurship training curriculum which is also taught by Regent University, a leading US Christian university, is a world class programme which teaches biblical […]

‘Fight Against Poverty Seminar’ in PE

Practical ways to save money and become better stewards of God’s blessings will be shared at a “Fight Against Poverty Seminar” at Fountain Vineyard Church, Port Elizabeth at 7pm on Thursday, April 18. Anybody who is concerned about people who are battling to make ends meet, or who needs to […]