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Texas Supreme Court denies planned Parenthood challenge to Heartbeat Law

The Texas Supreme Court denied Planned Parenthood’s request on Monday to proceed with its lawsuit challenging the Lone Star State’s pro-life heartbeat law.  The Texas Tribune reports America’s biggest abortion provider asked the court to declare the law unconstitutional. The law bans abortion once the baby’s heartbeat is detected, as early […]

Pro-lifers celebrate Kenya Abortion Bill delay

Originally published in The Christian Institute Abortion legislation in Kenya has been put on hold because of pressure from pro-life campaigners. The Reproductive Health Bill 2019 permits abortion up to birth, extends rights to pregnant adolescents, and threatens health care professionals with a prison sentence if they fail to refer […]

Australia: religious freedom in the balance

Originally published in Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin In Australia, religious freedom is facing its most serious threat to date. Throughout the nation’s short history, the idea that religious freedom is a fundamental human right has simply been taken for granted. Consequently, no legislation has ever been enacted to protect religious […]

Pro-life centres can’t be forced to advertise abortion services, Supreme Court rules

Originally published in The Christian Post The United States Supreme Court has ruled that a California law that compels pro-life pregnancy centres to advertise abortion services is unconstitutional. In a 5-4 decision authored by Justice Clarence Thomas and released Tuesday, the high court ruled in National Institute of Family and […]