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Why Artificial Intelligence can never be the way, the truth and the life

Originally published in Christian Today Silicon Valley has ‘a vibrant religious culture, a more-or-less orthodox theology, and plenty of rites and institutions to keep its priestly caste employed and relevant’, according to philosopher of religion Samuel Loncar. Reassuring, surely, given that the technology it produces shapes every sphere of our […]

Mantashe warns clerics to back off

Originally published in Business Day Live UNDER fire from business and church leaders calling for decisive leadership, the African National Congress (ANC) hit back at “mischievous” societal groups wanting to influence the party’s leadership elections next week. The last week before the Mangaung elections has seen a surge of comment […]

Church has solutions but must speak up!

The launch of an Integrated School Health Programme which includes distributing condoms to Grade R school children engaged in sexual activity underlines SA’s startling moral decline. The country appears to be in a moral paralysis. Sexual rights activists have long been lobbying for condom handouts to children. The argument is, […]