Church has solutions but must speak up!

Defending family, faith and freedom

The launch of an Integrated School Health Programme which includes distributing condoms to Grade R school children engaged in sexual activity underlines SA’s startling moral decline.

The country appears to be in a moral paralysis. Sexual rights activists have long been lobbying for condom handouts to children. The argument is, “children are engaged in sexual activity anyway, so it is government’s responsibility to ensure they engage in this harmful practice “safely.”

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The Health MEC in KZN recently reported 17 250 school pregnancies in one year in that province alone! Apparently, teachers were responsible for many of the pregnancies.

South African society is in a moral freefall! No amount of condom distribution will alter the moral landscape of the nation. What the country needs is a major overhaul in behavioural attitudes.

Incredibly, nobody in government or civil society has suggested embarking on a nationwide education campaign teaching children about the inherent dangers of sexual promiscuity.

Children are deliberately exposed to sexually explicit images in the media and are targeted by porn merchants through TV advertisements and cunning marketing tactics on the Internet.

The “sexual rights agenda” is being pushed by the United Nations on all member nations. The SA Government appears to have bought into the argument that children – from age 10 – must be given the legal “right” to make their own sexual choices, independent of parental interference.

Remarkably, the Church of Christ remains disengaged and indifferent, precisely when it should be speaking the loudest. Most Christians instinctively know this policy is naïve and short sighted.

But government is clutching at straws. When government views condoms as the solution to the horrendous rates of AIDS infections and teen pregnancies – we have definitely run out of ideas.

The reality is government is battling to find solutions to social challenges it is not equipped for.

The Christian Church in SA is equipped with Biblical Truth. That Truth has the power to free people from the lies and deception of the enemy. However, the Truth must be publically proclaimed!

It is a well-known fact that “those who shout the loudest – often get heard.” Sexual rights activists are winning the battle to advance their wicked agenda because they face no opposition.

The Body of Christ – armed with the supernatural power of the Spirit of Christ – chooses to remain silent and disengaged in a nation that is desperately crying out for righteousness and Truth.

The moral decline in SA has precipitated political and social unrest, economic uncertainty, racial tensions, the education crisis, rampant corruption and a dire lack of strong moral leadership.

The stage is set for the Church of Jesus Christ to impact society with its message of hope. Man-made policies and solutions have proven fruitless. The time has come for God-inspired solutions!

The Holy Spirit led and Bible based Church of Christ must snap out of its apathy and begin to actively and aggressively proclaim the Word of God in society. “The Truth shall make us free!”

The Church must urgently change its current inward focus onto the society it is called by God to influence. You and I are the change agents. Please help me advance His righteousness in SA!

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