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Nigeria begs Boko Haram to accept amnesty

Originally published in All Africa.com A group known as Northern States Christian Elders Forum (NOSCEF) Wednesday in Abuja chided the federal government for giving in to the calls for grant of amnesty to members of Jam’atul Ahlis Sunna-lidawati Wal Jihad, also known as Boko Haram. Speaking at the opening of […]

Nigerian Christian youth reject amnesty for Boko Haram

The youth wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria on Wednesday warned President Goodluck Jonathan against granting any kind of amnesty deal to the militant group known as Boko Haram, calling the proposition “a clarion call to all terrorism in Nigeria.” In recent weeks, the clamor from leaders of Nigeria’s […]

Nigeria’s Boko Haram denies ceasefire

Originally published in Mission Network News Boko Haram, the Islamist group responsible for numerous deadly attacks on Christians and churches in northern Nigeria, has finally clarified the question of a ceasefire: according to them, there isn’t one. The BBC reported that Residents of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital (and stronghold […]