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The real State of the Nation

[notice]Pastor Afrika Mhlophe unmasks some realities about our nation — realities that the Church should be addressing.[/notice]The State of the Nation (SONA) address is meant to help mirror where we are as a nation but also act as pointer on where we are going. President Jacob Zuma’s latest address was […]

The plight of the poor

    [notice]Pastor Afrika Mhlophe considers the situation of poor people and the Biblical injunction to care for them.[/notice] The recently released matric results have again reminded us of the difference that exist between resourced and under resourced schools. Excellent academic achievement is something of a norm for resourced schools […]

Youth discipleship project brings hope to poor, gangland areas

Young children in some of Port Elizabeth’s most desperately poor and dysfunctional neighbourhoods get into gangs and drugs “because they want to belong”, says youth ministry worker Lana du Plessis, who heads an ambitious school-based discipleship programme that has been launched in the area. “We know that these children need […]