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Lawyers for pro-life doctor may turn to High Court as matter drags on

The long-awaited professional conduct hearing against pro-life doctor Jaques de Vos convened on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, only to be postponed to December 9 while the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) disciplinary committee considers whether to dismiss two of the charges. Advocate Keith Matthee SC, for De Vos, […]

Expert witness at pro-life doctor’s disciplinary hearing will say life begins at fertilisation

A senior lecturer in anatomy and embryology who will testify at the disciplinary hearing of pro-life doctor Jacques de Vos later this month is expected to argue that life begins at fertilisation “when genetic code is set and future physical characteristics are defined with precision”. According to his expert summary, Dr […]

More than 19 000 signatures for pro-life doctor delivered to SA High Commission in Kenya

The international platform CitizenGO this week delivered more than 19 000 signatures from African citizens, concerned about the fate of South African Doctor Jacques De Vos, who has been suspended for the past two years for his pro-life stance, and who faces an unprofessional conduct hearing convened by the Health Professions […]