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South Sudan Christians see glimmer of hope

Christian pastors, priests, saving lives amidst turmoil Originally published in Baptist Press A breakthrough between warring factions in South Sudan has provided a glimmer of hope that the mostly Christian nation may escape civil war. Leaders of a rebel opposition group said Jan. 10 they would no longer demand the […]

In search of our common heritage

I hope you are patriotic enough to know that the month of September is a Heritage Month in South Africa. This is the time of the year when we should pause and reflect on our rich and diverse heritage with planned festivities leading to the official heritage day, which is […]

The real State of the Nation

[notice]Pastor Afrika Mhlophe unmasks some realities about our nation — realities that the Church should be addressing.[/notice]The State of the Nation (SONA) address is meant to help mirror where we are as a nation but also act as pointer on where we are going. President Jacob Zuma’s latest address was […]