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When religious practitioners and organisations go wrong — Michael Swain

By Michael Swain, executive director of Freedom of Religion South Africa How greater levels of voluntary and self-regulatory accountability can effectively resolve problems It seems that every day there is another article or TV exposure of some so-called pastor or prophet doing something that is either outright criminal or borderline at […]

Religious community hopes president will appoint suitable CRL commissioners

By Adv Nadene L Badenhorst, Legal Counsel of FOR SA With relations between the CRL Rights Commission (CRL) and the religious community in South Africa severely strained, the religious sector is hoping that President Ramaphosa will carefully consider who he appoints to serve on the commission for the next five […]

Save us from charlatans

Lethebo Rabalago, who made headlines recently for spraying insecticide onto his congregants in order to “heal” them of their ailments, represents a troubling and growing trend within the Christian faith. The trend is that of self-serving ministers who use desperate people to shore up their ministries. Rabalogo’s unusual antics follow […]