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5 reasons to rejoice for the overturning of Roe

By Dr Michael Brown — Originally published in Ask Dr Brown As pro-life believers across America are shouting for joy and giving thanks for the overturning of Roe, others are saying, “Look, we don’t like abortion either. But so many women in America are terrified right now, as if others can […]

US pro-abortion activists firebomb pregnancy centres, vandalise churches following leak that Supreme Court could overturn Roe v Wade

Women disrupt Joel Osteen’s church service, stripping clothes while cursing loudly Originally published in CBN News A pro-life medical office and pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York was firebombed early on Tuesday morning by radical abortion advocates. CompassCare, a Christ-centered organisation dedicated to erasing the need for abortion, said it […]

Pence asks Supreme Court to overturn Roe: ‘Nothing has been more destabilising in our society’ than abortion

See also: US Supreme Court hearing arguments in case that could overturn landmark abortion ruling in Roe v Wade By Sam Dorman — Originally published in Fox News Former US Vice President Mike Pence called on the Supreme Court to overturn the landmark decision in Roe v Wade, arguing that it has destabilised the nation […]

The ideological civil war over abortion

Originally published In AskDrBrown US Christian author, public speaker, radio and tv host, Dr Michael Brown looks at an issue that has become the ultimate dividing line in the increasingly divided United States of America Was there a time in living memory when America was more divided? I’m 66, and […]

‘Roe v Wade’ — Movie review

Vaughan Luck, founder of the Student Prolife Movement in South Africa and member of the steering committee of the National Alliance for Life reviews this important new movie that sheds light on the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade case that legalised abortion in the United States and set a new […]