WATCH: 250 000 people petition US Supreme Court to overturn legalised abortion

Pro-life activists outside the US Supreme Court with a massive scroll containing 250 000 signatures for a petition calling for an end to legalised abortion (PHOTO: CBN NEWS). 

Originally published in CBN News

The Supreme Court doesn’t begin its new term until next week, and already people are gathering out in front of the court, hoping to have their pleas heard. Tuesday it was dozens of those who feel they have a chance to greatly reduce, if not end abortion.

Many people say: “Legalised abortion: it’s settled law. Give up trying to get rid of it.” But this group that showed up at the court on Tuesday says, “We disagree. It’s time to overturn Roe v Wade.”

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Massive scroll rolled out
These pro-life partisans unrolled a massive scroll outside labelled the Moral Outcry – 250,000 signatures calling for the end of Roe.

Denny Thybault, whose wife first felt the call to organise this petition effort, summed up what they’re asking of Americans, saying: “Will you be a voice? Will you stir up a moral outcry in the land that would provoke the people to see what the Lord’s trying to do in the land? And He’s trying to overturn something: the shedding of innocent blood.”

Organisers hope to gather a million signatures through The Moral Outcry website. They insist the justices actually pay attention to such petitions.

Allan Parker of the Justice Foundation told CBN News, “When you sign the petition, you are severely criticising Roe v Wade, and that’s one of the reasons itself for overturning a Supreme Court decision.”

600 000 embryos waiting
Some accuse pro-lifers of only caring about the unborn, but the Thybaults indicate they are doing much more.

Melinda Thybault said she heard the Lord tell her to let embryos saved from abortion be planted in her womb, which led her to see a bigger potential across the nation.

”We’ve walked many couples through newborn adoption, embryo adoption. There are 600-thousand embryos waiting for a womb. I think that they’re a hidden army that the Lord has saved because of the abortion issue.”

Also at this rally were women like Cynthia Collins and Lisa Bickle-Stribling who’ve each gone through with several abortions.

Ache that never ends
Of her first of five abortions, Collins told CBN News, “Every day I remember the abortion. I remember the death of my son, David Emanuel. It threw me into a downward spiral of worthlessness, drug addiction, and a set-up for violent, predatory relationships.”

“I have five children that are missing from my dinner table,” stated Bickle-Stribling. “Every time I sit down to dinner, there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about my children.”

“What I believe happened is a spirit of death entered into me, because it’s the only time murder takes place inside of a woman’s body,” Collins said of those dark days after her first abortion. “It was a slow form of destruction, not only of my children but of my soul also. See, the enemy never plays fair: he kills our children, and he goes after us at the same time.”

Bickle-Stribling added, “And it’s affected my other children, as well, because they talk to me and they think, ‘How did I live through you killing five children?’ It was kind of Russian roulette – hit and miss.”

The Justice Foundation’s Parker suggested, “I think we need to repent. I think pastors need to preach. We need to be able to say to America, ‘Don’t kill the baby, don’t hurt yourself.’”

Many folks say, “You can’t mess with abortion; it’s a right.” Others ask, “What about the rights of those unborn babies facing abortion? What about the right to life?”

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