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Christian leaders speak out against victimisation of “expelled” UCT student leader

Call for protection of religious freedom Christian leaders in Cape Town today expressed deep concern at the “unacceptable level of vitriol and animosity” levelled against University of Cape Town SRC Vice President, Zizipho Pae who was “expelled” from the SRC on Tuesday (July 21, 2015) in a reportedly chaotic and […]

UCT student leader victimised over Christian viewpoint on same-sex marriage

A University of Cape Town student leader, Zizipho Pae, has been suspended from the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and subjected to abuse and intimidation for expressing an opinion on her personal Facebook page that the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the United States amounts to legalising sin. The African Christian […]

Don’t react to US same-sex marriage ruling with outrage or panic , say Evangelical leaders

Originally published in Christianity Today For most evangelical leaders, the discussion of Friday’s (June 25, 2015) nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States revolves around how best to express their dissent amid the legal uncertainties for churches and pastors. “Outrage and panic are not the responses of those confident in […]

Senior Vatican official says Ireland’s gay marriage vote is a “defeat for humanity”

Originally published in The Christian Post A senior Vatican official, reportedly seen as second only to the pope, said Ireland’s recent legalisation of gay marriage is a “defeat for humanity” in comments seen as the strongest yet from the Catholic Church on the controversial referendum. “I was deeply saddened by […]

Same sex couple and Christian guesthouse owners to “respect each other’s beliefs”

By agreement between the parties, the settlement agreement concluded last week between same sex couple Mr Neil Coulson and Mr Jonathan Sedgwick, and Wolseley guesthouse owners Steph and Marina Neethling, was made an Order of the Bellville Equality Court yesterday (Tuesday, April 21). The Magistrate who granted the Order in […]

Christian guesthouse owners and homosexual couple meeting in bid to resolve dispute

Originally published by For Sa Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 15), the Christian owners of “House of Bread” guesthouse in Wolseley will be meeting with the homosexual couple who took them to Court for unfair discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation last year, in an endeavour to mediate the dispute. (For […]