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Errol Naidoo urges South Africans to get behind ‘Revive SA — Buy SA’ campaign

Nichelle Steyn spoke to Errol Naidoo about his recent call to South Africans to contribute to South Africa’s economic revival by “buying SA”. Errol Naidoo, chief executive officer of the Family Policy Institute (FPI) is concerned about the viability of the local economy, especially family-owned and run small businesses. Subsequently, […]

On SA: Unemployment and our hearts

[notice]In this guest column, Johannesburg engineer and blogger Niel Knoblauch says that an identity crisis is at the heart of greed and hopelessness that is gripping many people as our nation faces tough times.[/notice] After a year of not really thinking too much about it, the current state of South […]

Creative responses needed to problems of unemployment, cheap imports

[notice] Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Organisation researcher, Mayibuye Magwaza, raises some ethical and practical considerations that arise as businesses and unions grapple with the challenges posed by unemployment and the influx of cheap goods from China.[/notice] A recent report in Business Day indicates that a clothing company, Peter Blond and Associates, has […]