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Zimbabwe Perspective: Quo Vadis, Domine?

[notice]The following perspective was written by a Christian leader in Zimbabwe after the 2013 elections. His response to the results can be seen as representative of the emotions experienced by many Christians around the world who are disappointed when hope is not realised. — Originally published in INContext Ministries’ World In Motion, Issue […]

Zimbabwean church leaders encourage peace after Mugabe claims disputed victory

Botswana calls for independent audit of elections The Roman Catholic churches and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe have asked their followers to wait patiently for talks to resolve outstanding issues and to not be consumed by bitterness that leads to violence. However, the Zimbabwean police, prepared for possible disturbances on […]

Call for prayer ahead of Zimbabwe elections

Originally published in Christian Today Church leaders in Zimbabwe are asking for prayer ahead of elections taking place at the end of the month. The Zimbabwean Council of Churches (ZCC) is asking Christians around the world to pray that the elections on July 31 will not be marred by the […]

Zimbabwe Anglicans take back cathedral

Originally published in News 24 Mainstream Anglican Christians in Zimbabwe are returning to their cathedral after a lockout of more than five years staged by an excommunicated, breakaway bishop who claimed loyalty to President Robert Mugabe’s party and used loyalist police to keep people away. Worshippers from across the country […]

Zimbabwe Christians to march against corruption

Thousands of Christians are marching on cities in Zimbabwe next week in protest against the corruption that is keeping millions in poverty. Leaders of the country’s three largest Christian bodies have signed a letter urging churches to rise up against corruption during a day of action coinciding with the global […]

Zimbabwe nuns, priests, evicted, orphanage seized

By Associated Press — Originally pubished in The Guardian Zimbabwe’s top Anglican bishop says a breakaway church leader close to the country’s president has taken over an orphanage home to 80 children. Bishop Chad Gandiya, leader of the mainstream Anglican group, says the breakaway leader also has seized mission schools […]

Crackdown on Anglican Church in Zimbabwe

By Karen Peake – Originally published in Christianity Today The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe is facing a tough battle against state authorities and an ex-communicated bishop trying to take away its property and its freedom to worship. In the latest incident, sixteen churchgoers, including an elderly woman, were arrested and […]