TESTIMONY: George Carpenter reflects on 16 years of documenting Angus Buchan

Evangelist Angus Buchan and Shalom Ministries executive producer George Carpenter at the Gauteng government-sponsored SA Men of the Year award in 2017 where Buchan was honoured with a legends award.

After 16 years of producing TV programmes and an extensive range of highly impactful audio visual content for farmer evangelist Angus Buchan, Shalom Ministries executive producer George Carpenter — who is also a spiritual son of Uncle Angus — is relocating to the United Kingdom in response to God’s calling. In the testimony below he shares about the power of small moments

There have been many big moments that come to mind in the last 16 years. But right now it’s the little ones that seem to be meaningful to me. The small moments are as precious as the big ones. These are some that come to mind. 

I remember the first time I travelled with Angus; we were at an airport and he handed me his wallet and asked me to go get us a muffin and a cup of tea. That became a tradition every time we were at the airport. I remember opening his wallet and seeing his worn-out ID book, and a photo of his wife Jill. I realised that day that he trusted me. I’d like to say to someone reading this, don’t take anyone’s trust for granted.

I remember he and I sitting with a few other people in a pie shop in Arkansas [USA], during a tornado warning, just laughing at the situation. He did preach later that night because the tornado dissipated and it was an incredible meeting. The stage was a trailer and the venue was a rodeo ring. 
One of my favourite memories is sitting in Angus’s hotel room, after a massive meeting in the States, eating hamburgers. Not talking, (can you imagine) just humbly blown away by what the Lord had done that night.

Another beautiful memory is going into a Barnes and Noble book store with him in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The look on his face. Angus loves books. He say’s you’ve got to keep reading. Another thing he insists on is, keeping a notebook. Angus has been my mentor.

George and Angus during a poignant moment at the World Outreach in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA in 2013

The rumours are true, I have witnessed Angus reading his Bible on an aeroplane, listening to worship or writing notes. Often while everyone was fast asleep Angus’s’ light would be on and he was spending time with God.

Angus is exactly 30 years older than me, and I joke that he keeps me young. I don’t know anyone who works as hard as he does. Once, somewhere, when I fetched him for breakfast in the morning, it dawned upon me that the young man in the hotel lobby the night before had got our hotel rooms mixed up. When Angus let me in, I couldn’t see his fruit basket anywhere, and he didn’t have a fancy writing desk like I had, but was using his bed as a chair and an ironing board as a desk. Embarrassed, I gently broke the news to him and he laughed and laughed. Angus is also a beautifully humble man.

Like most things that are worthwhile doing, creating TV programmes is hard work. There are challenges with weather, wind and lighting. And getting good sound is part of the package and part of life in this field. But in recent weeks I’ve been watching some older shows, and the thing that struck me is that we’ve done a good job. Angus has taught me to be consistent. In those old shows, I see and hear the same man — his hair is a bit whiter now — and the guys behind the cameras are not young men anymore. His stories have changed but his message is still the same: salvation through Christ alone.

Before joining Angus when I was working as a directing cameraman, probably in the early 2000s, I went to Greytown to shoot a story about a student who had excelled in a science competition. We had such a miserable time on that shoot and I clearly remember saying to myself: “I never want to come back to Greytown ever again”.

Little did I know that I would drive to Greytown [vicinity of Angus Buchan’s farm, Shalom] hundreds of times again in the years to come.

It reminds me of this quote from Matt Redman, in his book mirror ball.
“Some things in life come easily, and there are other things for which we have to labour, toil, and fight. Those things might cost much — but they are worth every ounce of energy, drop of sweat, and tear that is shed. Love is not just a sweet smelling rose, delicate and fragrant for those who hold onto it. At times it is a battlefield, a place where the stakes are high and devotion expresses itself in hard won sacrifice.“ 

My wife and I and kids are excited for the next season. Why would God choose us to work with Angus Buchan all those years ago and why would he lead us into something new now? Isn’t it such a honour and a mystery?

My hope is that whatever we are called to do next, we would do with the same passion that we’ve always served Him.

God has called us to relocate to the UK this year. It has been about 18 months since He first spoke to us and we’ve been asking him to confirm many, many times since then – which He has done. So we simply trust and obey with confidence in the one who calls us.

I’ve seen God ask Angus to do many outrageous things over the last 16 years and this is the most outrageous thing that we’ve ever attempted. I’m excited to see what God has in store for us and for Angus especially as the Revival Train starts it’s journey.


“I have rarely, very rarely, ever met a man who is so gifted from the Holy Spirit to do the kind of work which he has been doing and who has been very instrumental in taking our ministry to the next level.”

“He is totally trustworthy, he is honest, he is one of the most humble men I have ever met and yet has a wonderful sense of humour and a tremendous love for God.”

* Excerpts from testimonial


  1. I’m so blown away by the incredible partnership, described by George, which has been so successful over such a long time. It’s such a picture of harmony in the Lord, of how the body of Christ operates when God’s plan and design for individuals is executed naturally. George Carpenter, well done good and faithful servant. Can’t wait to see your next season unfold.

  2. Having the privilege of knowing both men, I can attest to George’s testimony and Angus’ words. We watch Angus’ tv programmes and the events, often giving little if any thought as to those who fplan, film and produce the shows. Thanks for all your hard work George (and team). Every blessing for the future.

  3. The apostle Paul had Luke travel with him and much of Paul’s ministry was captured in written form known as “The Book of The Acts of The Apostles”. Not only was Luke a physician but with hindsight a brilliant author/journalist as well. Well done George, your ability behind the camera has captured an outstanding man and his journey with God. Future generations will be forever grateful for Angus and his demonstration of a Holy and loving God to a watching world. Your part in capturing vital Church history was perhaps unnoticed but we can hear , “ well done faithful son👏👏👏

  4. George the film star 🤣! On a trip to England with George and Uncle Angus , we had a Radio interview . The DJ said “… in front of me I have Uncle Angus , on the left of him is George , he looks like a film star !” What a blessing for me to have worked alongside George for 15 years , a Mighty ( humble ) warrior for the Kingdom . Praying for your nee season George and Mish 🙏🏻

  5. Russell Curtis

    Sir Carpenter, not a chip off the “old block” but a Chip off The Master Carpenter!…you are almost indescribable in so many awesome ways. All the compliments ARE true, and you need doubt no longer. As God’s Carpenter, you also make beautiful things out of the dust, with Him. To those who have yet to meet you, & God has destined, I’m excited for both them & you. They are in for one of God’s great Gifts! Stay Strong Brother. You are…& if you sometimes feel not, like us all, it doesn’t matter, dust it off because God has always carried you. His Truth is before you, behind you, beside you, all around you; He is in you. We LOVE you & England gains another Saint!

  6. George Carpenter – what an incredible testimony of serving , loving and producing fruit that will last . Angus is a very rare gift that God has blessed the nations with – you’ve done an outstanding job of displaying this gift with your amazing talents . You are an excellent man George who needs a standing ovation . Well done Buddy . When your future father in law – Robbie – asked me about you before your wedding day – I could without hesitation say – he is an INCREDIBLE man and he will be a brilliant husband and father . And how well you have honoured that !! You have loved your bride Michelle so beautifully and you have loved His Bride so wonderfully . Well done George . You’ve served a Legend – you are a Legend . Love you Buddy . R

  7. What an honor it would be to serve such a great evangelist as our spiritual dad Angus. I had the privilege of attending 2 of the MMC’s in South Africa and its till remains deep in my heart. I absolutely love dad Angus. Well done George and blessings to you and your family.

  8. What an awesome legend for us all to aspire to!!!

  9. We are so excited for you and your family George. It has been an amazing time knowing and working with you on various projects including Angus’s. May God bless you and guide safely over this new season. Love Patrick, Shannon and Anna Kenny

  10. George- as a trustee on the Shalom board, I have had the privilege of knowing you reasonably well. Certain words come to my mind as I reflect on the years we have worked together. Firstly, a passionate love for the Lord and a desire for people to hear the gospel in a way that will bring positive response. Secondly, an excellence in all you do for Him. You have strived to grow in that excellence and all who have seen your productions give testimony of how diligently you have worked to bring honour to the Master. Thirdly, humility. You have always preferred to push others into the forefront. As a result, I believe the Lord has honoured you. Then fourthly, a love for people and a desire never to be the cause of hurt to others.
    I honour you for all you are and have done for the Lord. May your next chapter be one bringing you joy but also great fruitfulness for the Lord.

  11. Ettiene du Plessis

    We Love You George. May Jeremiah 33v3 be imminent in Your Life and in the Lifes of Your Loved Ones. Enjoy and stand in AWE before THE LORD for HE is about to do a NEW THING in Your Lifes.

    HE has called YOU for HIS Greater Purpose in England.

    Glad but also Humbly Honored to call You my Friend

    Shalom, till we meet again


  12. This is just a touching testimonies of two great men who is touching the world with the Love ❤️ of God. I’m so glad to be acquainted with this ministry.
    There are yet more land to conquer ahead of you.

  13. Leon Vermeulen

    Dear George, I cannot claim that I know you well and yet it feels as if I have known you very well. Every time we met we carried on as if there were no time lapses. I can vividly recall the praise and gratitude that Angus expressed about you. Never a negative comment, always praise! I have no doubt in my mind that there are very few people that know Angus as well as you do. By the grace and gifting of God your ability to record, edit and shooting of videos contributed immensely to the image we have of Angus and his ministry.
    Personally I am saddened by the fact that you will be ‘lost’ to this ministry and yet I know that your footprints will remain. Your high standards will be the ideal of those that will follow in your steps.
    May every spiritual blessing available to you in heavenly places be your and your family’s portion in the years to come in the UK and elsewhere.
    Be assured of my continued brotherly love and affection
    Leon Vermeulen

  14. Seth & Chastity

    Like many I don’t really know you that well but feel like we are great friends with your family. I think this in itself is a testimony to your gifting to make others feel special and a true listener of people.
    Good luck with your new calling! Seth and I will be praying for you all from Murfreesboro, TN. May the Lord Bless you and Keep You, Make His face shine a upon you and be gracious to you, turn His face toward you and give you peace.

  15. George, I was in the congregation that night for the men’s program you included the photo of. Surprised I cannot pick myself out in the picture because I was in about the 3rd row near the center, probably just left of the frame. It was a great night. I pray for you fruitful service in whatever the LORD has for you. Blessing on you and Michelle, from Middle Tennessee.