TESTIMONY: God’s grace in the midst of great darkness

Reconciliation 3[notice]Ina Smit’s moving testimony appears at the end of a 40-days prayer guide for reconciliation — May 7 to June 15 2016[/notice]

Ina Smit is a South African woman whose life was suddenly turned upside down when crime affected her life in a devastating way. She rose above her dark circumstances and became a Christlike example to many others.

Here is her testimony … “On the morning of November 29, 2002 when my husband greeted me on his way to the business he helped run for my son, I listened to the inner voice of the Spirit of God and went with him. It was a wonderful day. Late in the afternoon, just before we were to close the shop for the day, it started to rain and there was a storm with lots of thunder and lightning. My husband went outside to see how severe the storm was. I heard what I thought was two loud thunder strikes. The next moment two armed men ran into the office and demanded money and the keys of the vehicles. I could not find the car keys and said to the men that they could get anything they wanted when my husband comes back. The one armed man then took his gun and held it against my back, forcing me to walk outside. When we came outside he kicked me and when I fell I saw my husband lying in a pool of blood on the ground. I crawled to him and called out the Name of Jesus Christ a few times.” I also said, Lord I do not accept this, I speak Your life into him!”

I also immediately asked the Lord to forgive these two men because they did not know what they were doing. Suddenly a glorious peace that is beyond description settled all over me. I put my hand on my husband’s shoulder and asked him to speak to me one more time. The next moment I felt how my husband took my hand, I saw his shining face surrounded by a glorious light. He said to me: “I am now ok, you must hold on, I know you can…” I just knew that my husband was in heaven and that just before he died, he saw heaven open, like Stephen in Acts 7:55&56. He saw the Son of God standing on the right hand of God the Father to receive him. Two years later, after the court procedures, I could go to my husband’s murderer and tell him that I forgive him and that he needs to make right with God. Three years after my husband’s death, the Lord sent me another godly husband, my own Boaz. We have been married for 11 years and are very blessed and happy. Recently I told my daughter that her father had to die, for me to realize how great GOD’S GRACE truly is…”

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  1. Assie Van der Westhuizen

    Amazing Grace …unending Love!