‘The Cloth’ book to be launched at KMMC

Pipey and Ina.
Piperjames and his wife Ina, who designed the unique Mighty Men tartan which is the subject of the coffee table book, ‘The Cloth” which will be launched at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference next week.

The new Mighty Men Tartan book which is called THE CLOTH! will be launched at Karoo 2014.

The book tells the amazing story of how the Mighty Men Tartan cloth came into being and the journey that it has taken right up to the present day.

The front cover of the book.
The front cover of the book.

The book is especially being launched at the Karoo Mighty Men as the cloth was actually born and made available to all God’s Mighty Men from the stable there on the farm of KMMC host Jannie Moolman; a Biblical setting if ever there was one.

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Designed by God, blessed by Uncle Angus and worn by Mighty Men the cloth, which shares the Gospel through its design and colours, is the only official, Christian-themed tartan in the world. The book is full of interest, with information, testimonies and lots of pictures from around the world where Mighty Men are changing the lives of others whilst using the cloth as part of their ministry work. It is a ‘coffee table’ style, full-colour book.

There will only be 2 000 copies made available for the Karoo Mighty Men gathering 2014 at an introductory price of R150.00 per copy.

The book will then be on sale after the event and away from Karoo at a retail price of R175.00 per copy.

All proceeds will help Mighty Men Tartan to purchase a purposely adapted vehicle to ferry the cloth even further afield, thus helping to spread the word of the Kingdom of God even further.

There is also a promotional DVD that the Mighty Men Karoo Committee have kindly agreed to air at various times throughout the event. It starts with three long blasts of a Shofar. Mighty Men are encouraged to blow their shofars when they hear this introduction on screen.

The book is ISBN registered and published and printed by Print on Demand, Cape Town.


  1. Wonderful

  2. We are so honoured that God chose us and is using us in such an awesome way to spread His Word!!
    Thank you to all the Mighty Men and their families who have been so supportive and for your obedience to Jesus as well.