The elections — through a Kingdom lens

kingdom lens

Most of the votes are in now and some significant shifts in the balance of political power in South Africa are evident.

Political analysts will have much to say about the poll outcomes.

But what can we see from a Kingdom perspective? Do the various political agendas that have been competing for voters’ approval in the run-up to the polls bear much resemblance to God’s agenda? The God whose will shall be done irrespective of who run the city halls.

On Wednesday, I asked three Christian leaders to write articles reflecting on the elections. I gave them each the same three guideline questions  — What happened? What is God saying? The way ahead? I asked them to take note of the questions but added that they were free to write whatever was on their hearts after the elections.

I thank the three leaders, ACDP MP Cheryllyn Dudley; economist, author and public speaker Dr Arno van Niekerk; and church leader, author and public speaker Pastor Afrika Mhlophe for accepting the brief at short notice. Their full articles can be read by clicking on the following links: Cheryllyn Dudley – Why I voted at this election, why I voted the way I did; Arno van Niekerk — Our way or God’s way: sand or rock; Afrika Mhlophe — A contest between value systems.

cherdudley1Cheryllyn Dudley had her article done and dusted by early on Wednesday evening, before the last votes were cast and the counting started. She shares about some soul-searching she did after the 2009 election, when she asked God whether there was any point continuing with the ACDP. And she reflects on what it means to be in politics and civil governance for the glory of God and the good of people.

Arno van NiekerkArno van Niekerk author of Genoeg is Genoeg / Enough is Enough addresses the three questions I posed. “Hope is rising – albeit slowly – and God wants to bring His change, not the change that the world brings,” he writes. However, he has a word of caution for the Christians, who reportedly make up 80% of South Africa: ” If it is only better governance we are after, the country will still go in the wrong direction. We will still build on the sand.”

Afrika MhlopheAfrika Mhlophe notes that it would be fitting now to pause and give thanks to God for peaceful elections and to recognise that in a sense the Kingdom of God has fared well in the polls. He points out that while much is made of election victories it is the conquests of God and not those of man that count in the present and future elections. “The promise for our country is that God will raise righteous leaders who will govern with integrity. I believe it is the prayer womb of the Church that will give birth to such leaders,” he writes.


  1. Andre, thank you for asking these three “soldiers” in Christ to put their perspectives in writing.

    I personally am awed at the wisdom of God in how He has used the DA to humble the ANC even as He used Babylon to humble Israel in the Old Testament. The ANC has proudly equated its leaders to Christ in His being persecuted and then claiming they will rule till Jesus comes.

  2. I agree with Cheryllyn Dudley. My own perspective is that most of our Christian members need a bit more education when it comes to LGE and National voting. I recommend that at least every South African, all religions and leaders, to read the book”God AND POLITICAL JUSTICE” written by LANDA COPE. Kingdom originates from God. For the nation to be in peace and in proper prosperity, needs to align itself in the God kind Kingdom. I think is time that Christian leaders begin to emphasize the God kind Kingdom. IT IS POSSIBLE.

  3. Charlie Parsons

    When one considers that 80% of the country are “Christians”?? why then have so few voted ACDP…??Leaving many candidates disolusioned…quite rightfully…..but the candidates & voters have done the RIGHT thing to make a STAND for BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES…the others??DA who do NOT acknowledge OUR TRI-UNE God in their constitution…must not complain after the election when confronted by the Holy Spirit…life is a matter of CHOICE….I HONOUR those who STOOD UP for JESUS…remember there were only 12 in the UPPER Room..God is NOT phased about “numbers”. Give HIM ALL the GLORY & DO NOT GIVE UP?

    • Thank you Charlie, fully agree. Call those things which be not as though they were…you vote for those who will represent Kingdom values and principles, irrespective if you think they stand a chance at the polls. The battle is a spiritual one…we pray that He will send in Hes Daniels and Josephs into goverment.