The elections — through a Kingdom lens: Arno van Niekerk

Our way or God’s way: sand or rock
Arno van Niekerk
A post elections perspective by economist, author and public speaker Dr Arno van Niekerk.

What happened?
Elections took place in a fairly peaceful climate across the country. Despite the heat in the build-up to the elections between the ANC, DA and EFF, this speaks of maturity setting in among South Africa’s voters and voting system. While at the time of writing the full results have not come in, it is clear that a shift on South Africa’s political landscape is taking place. Voters have spoken and the elections have shown that the ANC has lost serious credibility. The DA is moving forward in significant strides – making the largest progress ever in its history. The new kid on the block, the EFF, has shown that it’s here to stay and has taken over from COPE as a serious contender for political power in the future. Smaller parties have also made significant progress. The ACDP, especially, have been much more visible in the build-up to the elections, and it has paid off. With the eye on the national elections, however, they do need to make a radical stride forward – especially in terms of impact in the South African society – since many Christians would like to vote for them, but still support the DA, etc.

What is God saying?
I believe God is saying that South Africa, not just politically, is going through a transition phase. Shakings will be part of it, but it’s time for the country to break the shackles that have held it back.

We are in a season of serious decision-making in terms of the direction the country needs to take. Values and principles will play an increasing role in this decision-making. The Bible needs to become the compass again for God’s people in South Africa.

The country is going through a time of disorientation and new coordinates are needed to take the ship in the right direction. Unless we learn from the lessons of the past – including the recent past – we will not be able to see God’s picture for SA.

Prayer is going (and needed) to intensify for a new birthing to set in in our nation. A new sound is arising, amid the clamour of turmoil.

We will need to come to a point where we humble ourselves before the Lord in South Africa. This is where God is leading us.

The Church has a critical role to play in the future of SA. We need discernment and to hear God’s voice clearly. Our principles need to be Bible-centred to be able to lead the nation forward.

God will raise up His voices in the nation that will speak out and address what is needed. Hope is rising – albeit slowly – and God wants to bring His change, not the change that the world brings.

The way ahead?
We have neglected God’s Word as a cornerstone and continued to build on the sand. Now it has become increasingly ‘shifting sand’.

This raises a lot of questions regarding the future of South Africa. The ANC will definitely embark on a comeback-strategy while the DA and EFF will try to increase momentum.

But South Africans – of which almost 80% are Christians – will need to make up their mind in terms of what change we really want. If it is only better governance we are after, the country will still go in the wrong direction. We will still build on the sand. Unless the Lord builds the house, they that build build in vain… (Ps. 127).

Hence, we as God’s people will need to keep on pushing for change according to God’s standards.

Many of the policies and principles of the leading opposition parties are against what is written in the Bible. Our morality can only be based on one foundation, either sand or rock, not both.

We live in a world where sand foundations are the rule of the day – especially if you look at how strong secularism and humanism are increasing. The results are showing overseas as social instability increase. We as Christians will need to decide if we want to go this route.

Hence, the bigger choice we have, above politics, is whether we will allow God’s Word to become our standard again. Only then the house will stand.

God has plans for South Africa and His Spirit is moving across the nation, but in the end the choice is ours.


  1. Chris Van Rooyen

    As already commented I reaffirm that over 15 years ago prophets in America etc .prophesied these Words into and over SA especially PE…the Words of God are now coming to pass in His perfect timing..they never go back to Him Void….God is the Word and the Word is God …He is I Am…..

  2. Oh God Abba Father….we pray for your mercy on our country South Africa. I am so tired Lord…of trying to build on rock foundations, yet the Christians voted again on their sandy foundations of fear…. i am so tired Lord…. please have mercy…

  3. Rosemarie Roeters-van Lennep

    We should trust the Word of God and not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,and live it daily.

  4. We are thankful fir Gods grace that brings hope and change

  5. Elzabe van Rooyen

    If we really believe God can change South Africa we should stand for biblical principals and believe God and not people to change our country.

  6. Thank you for the excellent article and for focusing us on God’s Word Arno. I agree that our principles need to be set concretely in His Word and that: His eternal Word, Jesus Christ, has to become our standard; “the Bible needs to become the compass again for God’s people in South Africa”; we need to intensify our prayer (as Nehemiah did) for our nation; and that we need to come to a point where we as a nation humble ourselves before the Lord.