The media’s demonisation of Christianity

Defending family, faith and freedom

The media broke the news on 11 June that a 23 year old homosexual man in the Northern Cape was beheaded for being gay.” It later turned out the victims throat was slit during the crime.

The secular media’s sensational and grossly inaccurate reporting on this horrendous crime, once again places the focus on the blatant anti-Christian pro-homosexual bias in the mainstream media.

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If this wasn’t bad enough, E-Newschannel conducted a 10 minute live interview with a homosexual activist who blamed “religious fundamentalists” (Bible believing Christians) for crimes against homosexuals – because they “preach a message of hate against homosexual citizens.”

Homosexual E-Newschannel Anchor, Andrew Barnes did not challenge his guest’s often wild and unsubstantiated allegations even though she demonised an entire faith group.

I immediately fired off a press statement questioning E-Newschannel’s unfair and biased reporting and called on the media to stop encouraging dangerous and inflammatory statements on air.

The media’s response was to publish part of my statement and completely out of context.

I am personally saddened that the Christian Church failed to challenge the unfair and slanderous accusations made against it during the E-Newschannel interview. But what is cause for greater concern is that the Christian media failed to inform its constituency about this appalling attack.

The crisis in SA schools is again in the spotlight with reports that more than 17 000 teenage pregnancies were reported in KZN schools. Officials express shock but do very little.

Government’s best response to this crisis is to distribute condoms to school children. However, the SA Government sponsors a UN driven initiative encouraging children to experiment with sex.

And despite the liberal media’s complicity in the sexualisation of children that lead to teenage pregnancies and soaring abortion rates, they continue to defend their outrageous behaviour.

Every year thousands of babies are born to school children who mostly become welfare recipients. More than 15 million people already depend on social welfare support in South Africa.

Rampant immorality is costing the taxpayer billions of rands every year. However, the soaring welfare budgets have already outpaced the contributions of the estimated 5, 8 million tax-payers.

The good news is the Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Bill was passed by the National Assembly on June 13 and is currently in the National Council of Provinces.

The CRL Commission’s hearings on Religious Public Holidays moves to the Durban City Hall on June 21 and 22 at 9am. Please ensure you contact Sipho Mantula on 0847815587 for an invitation.

I have great news to share with you later about an exciting opportunity to host a weekly television programme that will address current issues from a Biblical Christian perspective.

Please continue to pray for FPI’s work to defend the family & advance Biblical values in society.

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  1. You have my prayers Mr Naaidoo. Thank you for this information that I will try and spread as far as I am able to.