The natural family is in crisis

Defending family, faith and freedom

The family is under unprecedented attack in the Western World. This ancient and venerable institution has suffered considerably as a result of a sustained offensive by anti-family activists.

Sexual rights activists are advancing a global agenda to redefine the sacred institution of marriage, the roles of men and women in the family and the roles of parents in relation to their children.

The deconstruction of the family unit is pioneered by a small but powerful vocal minority – whose primary goal is to obtain social legitimisation for a wide range of deviant sexual practises.

The social consequence of the disintegration of the family in the Western World – including South Africa – has been nothing short of devastating. Almost every social ill ravaging society today can be traced to the breakdown of the family. Human civilisation is crumbling one family unit at a time.

As a result of the relentless assault on the natural family, prominent pro-family advocates have drafted a declaration that sums up the critical role of the family in the success of nations.

The World Family Declaration is a profound but succinct statement that acknowledges the unequaled role of the natural family in the development of strong, healthy and prosperous nations.

It is a tragedy that organisations around the world have to battle daily to protect an institution that is recognised throughout history and in every culture – as the building block of society.

Somebody said, “As the family goes…so goes society.” Tragically, the truth of this statement is manifested in the alarming social and moral decline evident in nations that have rejected truth.

Marriage and the family are God’s idea. There are mountains of research indicating that the biological two parent family is the best environment to raise children. Nothing else comes close.

The war on marriage and the natural family is a war against human civilisation itself. No other social institution can nurture and sustain human civilisation like marriage and the natural family.

That is why these institutions deserve the gratitude and protection of the Church and the State.

Family Policy Institute was established to lobby government to make the family the central focus of its social policy development. Social development is impossible when families break down.

Tragically, the South African Government has chosen to discard the vital institutions of marriage and the natural family in favour of granting special privileges to homosexuals.

This social engineering experiment has already produced devastating consequences for society. The legitimisation of sexual sin in South Africa has left the moral fabric of society in tatters.

Will you please join me in the critical battle to defend and restore the natural family? I cannot think of a cause more worthy and noble than the protection of marriage and the natural family.

Please click on the World Family Declaration and endorse this profound statement. FPI is already a signatory. However, we need millions more across the globe to support this statement of truth.

Your support for the natural family is critical at this time. Please make your voice heard today.


  1. Clayton Caroline

    I’m confused. Does marriage equality cause straight people to not marry or have children? I’d like to see some research on that.