The power of prayer – Angus Buchan

As I have studied revival, it has become one of my favourite subjects, I love it. I’m still trusting God for the greatest revival that the world has ever seen. In fact, I believe that it has already started. If we look at James 5:16 (NKJV) it says: The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man,” (or woman) “avails much.

Not one single revival has ever begun without prayer. Remember: “When men work, they work, but when men pray, God works.” They asked Billy Graham what the greatest secret of his incredible ministry was and he answered with one word: “Prayer.”

When I am invited overseas to speak at a large event, the first thing I ask them is: “How’s the intercessory prayer going?” If the answer is: “No not yet, we are still busy organising the stadium, the platform, the sound system, the advertising, the traffic control etc. then we’ll get down to the prayer.” Then straight away, I’ll graciously decline the invitation. I will not go if there hasn’t been any prayer. It’s a waste of time. I’ve done it before, and the response is very, very hard. After many years of evangelising, I can walk into a meeting and tangibly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit because of the effective fervent prayer of righteous men and women.

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I hold intercessors very high in my esteem. Jesus Himself is an intercessor. Today in heaven, He is praying for us and that is why I think it is probably the greatest of all the different offices in ministry. If there is no prayer, nothing is going to happen. My own dear wife, Jill, is an intercessor, and she will often bring me a very clear-cut word, either one of confirmation of something that God is showing me, or it will be a word of caution about something that I am doing that is maybe impulsive. Maybe it wasn’t even coming from me. This is exactly how prayer works.  We need to communicate with God, and the more we pray, the closer we walk with the Lord, and the closer we walk with the Lord, the more we can be effective for Him. We must never take prayer for granted.

That’s why I always hold prayer warriors in the highest regard. Normally if I go to a big meeting I ask: “Where are the intercessors?” and if they say: “They are in a backroom somewhere”, then I want to go greet them first before I greet anybody else because that’s how important they are to me.

We must keep on praying because that is where the power of God is found.

Jesus bless you
Angus and Jill Buchan

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  1. Thank you Angus & Jill.