The Rise of Anti-Christian media bias In SA

Defending family, faith and freedom

On today’s (Tuesday,Oct 1, 2013) “Watchmen on the Wall” TV show on TBN Africa, we will address the disturbing topic of the growing anti-Christian bias in the mainstream liberal media in South Africa.

The first segment deals with a Sunday Times article that attempts to portray the Christian Church as backward Neanderthal’s bent on afflicting pain and misery on defenceless children.

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In its quest to criminalise parents for disciplining their own children, anti-family groups appear to blame the violence in society on the Biblical beliefs of parents who spank their children.

The liberal media completely ignore the fact that family breakdown and fatherless homes have repeatedly being shown to be the main culprit for the social chaos in South Africa.

An alarming trend has emerged in the liberal mainstream media. The Bible is consistently being blamed for many of the social ills in society. Media “experts” are not required to provide evidence to back up their wild allegations. If they can make the Church look bad – they are given a platform.

Anti-Christian activists are usually provided uninterrupted air-time to accuse the Christian Church of “having blood on its hands because it preaches a message of hate against homosexuals.”

Violence against homosexuals is often blamed on the Scriptures. In fact, former deputy minister of justice, Andries Nel instructed the SA Human Rights Commission to investigate a Christian ministry because “the belief that homosexuals can change is what drives the violence against them.”

The heinous crimes against homosexual citizens are rightly condemned by the Christian Church. These crimes are perpetrated by criminals who have probably never set foot in a Church.

Christian leaders are rarely given air-time in the liberal media to explain the Biblical view of homosexuality nor are former homosexuals interviewed about the change in their lives.

The second segment addresses the liberal media’s attack on the family. Governments White Paper on the Family was criticised for referring to “old fashioned” concepts of the family unit.

The “old fashion” concept is the God-given two-parent biological family that global research overwhelmingly indicates is the best environment in which to raise children.

The “old fashion” family is also the only social institution capable of ensuring a healthy, stable and prosperous society. I speak to parenting expert, Hettie Britz about the value of family life.

On Friday 4 Oct, Arlene and I and the “Watchmen on the Wall” TV crew depart for Durban where we will participate in and film the “International Alliance for Life Conference” on 5 October 2013.

We will also film the “National March for Life” on Sunday 6 Oct which kicks off at the Sharks Board parking lot in Umhlanga at 2:30pm. Please make every effort to join us if you are in Durban.

The “Right to Life” is the most fundamental of human rights. However, this right is denied to pre-born babies while government creates “human rights” out of thin air to legitimise sin.

Historically, the Christian Church was always a force for good. The Church is still the only agency capable of positively transforming society. Will the true Church of Jesus Christ please arise!

Errol Naidoo

PS: “Watchmen on the Wall” – the first current affairs program from a Christian perspective – is broadcast on TBN Africa – DStv channel 341 on Tuesdays at 8pm & repeated on Sundays at 7pm.

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  1. Chris Bezuidenhout

    Thank you for the wonderfull work that you do.

  2. Errol & your entire team THANKYOU for the wonderful example you are all being for our WHOLE NATION This MUST BE an Initiative to cause “THE CHURCH” to arise in our NATION & stop being a PASSIVE & SPINELESS body PLEASE we NEED to be “THE SALT & THE LIGHT” so that ONLY HIS NAME will be Glorified!!!