The wind, the wind is blowing…

Godspeaks[notice]A monthly prophetic perspective from Marian and Kate Fitz-Gibbon[/notice]

SpiritwindHoly Spirit has been referred to as a “rushing wind”, “breath”, “wind”, “a violent rushing wind”, but is it ours to even ask or to understand the “wind”?

John 3:8 says “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so it is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

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To know the wind, you must be born of the wind, a new creation. Even then, you become part of the wind, not the wind itself.

Like the wind of the natural world, you cannot see it, you cannot hold it, you cannot own or keep it. Once you are born of the Spirit, He keeps you, He directs you.

Holy Spirit has begun to blow across our land. Where did He come from? Some say from the heart of deep, deep intimacy when gathered around a grand piano whilst listening to a prophet from another country. Others say it was on Saturday at 1pm when we prayed for a doctor with a high calling and she got clear direction from a group of unassuming businessmen. Another says, “when you testified I was changed”; yet another, “When you fell to the ground and cried ‘Jesus forgive me’ I was challenged”. “When you played those drums and we sang then I knew heaven had come down”. To another, “you looked at me with tear stained cheeks and said ‘He loves you’ ”. “You gave me a simple illustration that cracked open years of frustration. Laughter erupted, freedom reigned. Then I knew He knows me.”

“When you told me being a Christian was not boring, and I knew you lived the life of Truth.” “When I heard there is strength for tomorrow and a destiny in a foreign land, that His banner over me is love and the simple words my little child spoke were confirmed – then I knew God is with us.”

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

The prophets saw into the Spirit realm and it was as if the earth’s centre was rumbling; deep calling unto deep made the waters stir. Waters that have not moved in years; miracle waters. It seemed as if the moon was aligning to the centre of the earth, so that the tidal wave of His Spirit would rise to its highest point.

1 Corinthians 2.10 these things God has revealed to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes the deep things of God.

Holy, Holy, Holy.

His ways are not our ways. Because of this we can be never be caught trying to shape the presence of God into what we perceive it in our mortal world to be. For the mysteries of the kingdom are the Lord’s. Only that which He reveals to us through divine revelation is ours to own forever.

You don’t know where He comes from, but you know when He’s here.

He’s here.


  1. Thank you for this encouragement – into my heart.
    I appreciate you so

    • Dear Sheryl, We are deeply grateful to the Lord that you are sensitive to Holy Spirit. May you be strengthened in the inner man as you meditate on the word of God and seek more and more of the presence of the Lord. Regards Marian & Kate

  2. I have also been sensing that the Holy Spirit is about to be poured out again in this land! Waiting on God with great expectation…..

  3. Dear Sannie, God is not a man and He will not lie, God is busy pouring out His Spirit in measure and will do so in greater measure. We are in one accord waiting and watching and prayerful. Regards Marian & Kate