Total Transformation — shaping up to your best version with God’s help

Teresa van Zyl -- Before and After!

Looking at the vivacious, lovely, fit Teresa Van Zyl today, it’s hard to imagine that she was once 47kg overweight and deeply unhappy. Teresa now exudes confidence, unlike her former obese self, which she just tried to hide away under clothes.

Teresa had a powerful encounter with God two years ago, which enabled her to see herself in a similar way to the way God sees her. And she was blown away! It totally changed the way that she saw herself and enabled her to start a programme to help other people struggling with being overweight.

It all began with her own journey and a facebook page she started, called Get Real 4 Good.  Teresa’s programme is called Total Transformation and the latest module is ‘Ease my Obese Please’ (a programme with a training part for personal trainers and gyms on how to work with really obese people without breaking their spirits).

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Total Transformation opened up its “virtual doors” on February 1, 2012. Currently there are 64 ladies on the programme which costs R250 per month for three months. Bcause it is a ‘Get Real 4 Good’ programme it includes membership for life, even if you are not at your goal weight yet!

“Doing life”
“Every person is different, every person’s journey is different,” says Teresa. She says she will never stop walking with her clients because  “we are doing life, and things happen!

“You can have a setback, you can face a situation that really puts you back a bit and then I’ll be ‘hands-on’ to help!

“This is just the opposite of any diet – this is not a diet. The whole programme is designed so that you never have to spend one cent on a diet again,” says Teresa.

Teresa has been on diets since her high school years, and every time someone handed her products with instructions but nobody had any interest in her, other than taking her money.  There were no follow up programmes.  The only time someone walked with her was when she used products that were part of her cousin’s business.

Teresa has written a series of e-mails that takes clients on her journey and help them to start their own journeys. She keeps on motivating and digs deep – until they get to a point where they can realise who and what they are, and what beauty is really all about.  She helps clients to balance the three dimensions in which we were created — spirit, body and  soul.  Teresa says: “All three must be in harmony with one another and the strongest one needs to be your spirit.”

Where, on any other diet, you start losing weight fast in the beginning, slowing down towards the end, it’s just the opposite with Total Transformation. Clients change bad habits and change the way they think and the way they see themselves first. It’s very easy to lose weight when you have lots of will power,  but to lose weight with will power is like riding a wild horse – you can be sure to fall off at some or other time, she says.

Clients allow God to change them and to show them who He knows they are, and who He created them to be. Clients learn to break free from the culture of using food for everything.

“We celebrate with lots of food, but what about the reason for the celebration and the people involved?  Yes, we need to eat, but we need to eat to stay alive and healthy so that we can be the BEST in what we were created for! That’s why the programme is called Total Transformation.

“Clients  will find a way to find ‘joy’ even in difficult times and they will gain back control over their body and eating habits and also learn how to gain and use wisdom and how to put the right dimension back into the lead!”

God showed Teresa, not all at once, but day by day, how to gain back control. How to care for her body, how to become one again, whole again.  He showed her her beauty and how to be proud of herself because He created her.

“I’m a masterpiece of the one and only  living God. He really set me free!” she boasts. If you’d like to contact Teresa to talk about the Total Transformation programme, you can email her at


  1. Teresa, i love what u r doing. The Lord has also helped me to eat healthy and exercise – i am at a well-known weight-loss group, and making good progress. But the motivation and discipline come from God. I did a study of the first 3 chapters of Queen Ester + God wants us to display His glory + splendour, + being fat + unhealthy was not glorifying to Him! U go girl :-)

  2. Teresa, ek is so moedeloos met my gewig, en dis al waaraan ek die hele dag dink, is wat moet ek eet is dit goed of sleg wat ek in my mond sit! Maar ek verloor nie ñ milligram nie!!!! Ek is so nuuskierig oor jou program want met die HERE se hulp weet ek sal ek kan! Waar hoor ek meer?

  3. Ek is nou rerig raad op en het dringend hulp nodig

  4. Can you please send us dates and venues were Theresa will be having workshops?

  5. i have a comment to people do not kill people