Ugandan pastor involved in ‘boda boda’ ministry finds great harvest

Moroto district boda boda motorists give their lives to Jesus Christ on August 2 during a Gospel outreach programme organised by Pastor Samuel Kasigwa.

Originally published in Uganda Christian News

God has enabled all of us to minister to Him and for Him. Discovering our place and our part is a crucial step in advancing discipleship.

Two years ago, Pastor Samuel Kasigwa, the global team leader of Uganda For Evangelism Ministries, began reaching out to motorists – in particular, boda boda riders (motorcycle taxi drivers) – in Uganda with the Word of God.

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He revealed during an exclusive interview with Uganda Christian News on Tuesday that the “best thing that can transform the nature of society and behaviour is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Recent data from Kampala Capital City Authority indicates that Uganda’s capital alone has more than 120 000 motorcycles, the majority of which are engaged in boda boda activities.

This number is however believed to be higher as some are unregistered, according to the Kampala Boda Boda Riders Association.

“The Lord spoke about two years ago to begin reaching out to boda boda riders and since then we have been reaching out to them in every district where we have been,” Kasigwa said.

He has traversed over 36 districts in Uganda since embracing the Great Commission.

The pastor recently shared the Gospel with motorists in Moroto district and will also travel to Napak district for the same mandate.

“To God be the glory that hundreds of them are giving their lives to Jesus Christ,” he said.

What exactly is Kasigwa’s message to boda boda riders when he receives an opportunity to speak to them?

Without the Bible, he claims, men and women in the boda boda system have little hope, but when they receive God’s Word, they discover a Father who loves them and who sent His Son to save them from their sins.

The preacher said he addresses various issues, including salvation, marriage, entrepreneurship, savings, the justice system, hygiene, honesty, alcoholism.

Surprisingly, those boda boda riders are receptive and have very organised leadership throughout the country, he said.

“I encourage them to stop drinking alcohol. Some accidents are caused by drunken riders. I address the fact that they should marry one wife and do away with sexual immorality. On divine protection, I share verses like Psalms 91:11 because of the high risk of accidents and theft. I encourage them to be prayerful and to trust God,” he said.

Proverbs 6:6 addresses their need to save and not wastefully spend all their hard-earned money. I encourage them to stop mob justice. I often share with them the story of Cain and Abel… The blood of the people they kill through mob justice will bring a curse on them and their children and grandchildren. They need to be clean, they should bath and wash clothes. They should be honest and faithful to their customers and bosses,” he added.

Kasigwa told Uganda Christian News his ministry does have a programme whereby new converts are followed up.

“I work with the existing local churches in the areas where I have gone,” he said.

Aside from boda boda riders, the preacher is also involved in sharing the Gospel within prison and military/police bases.

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