Uitenhage prayer rally ‘shuts down’ enemy activity

A full house of prayer warriors in the community hall at Allanridge, Uitenhage last Friday.

Nelson Mandela Bay residents turned out in force at a prayer rally in Allanridge, Uitenhage last Friday, said PE FM station manager Ronnie Johnson.

The rally, organised by PE FM and Transformation Christian Network (TCN), was part of a prayer movement focused on communities that were overwhelmed by witchcraft and curses, said Johnson.

“The Lord showed me, when people go on demonstration, when they go and protest, they protest against service deliveries and so forth — what they then do is they bring a shutdown in that area. With that said, He said to me, it was time to go into the enemy’s camp and have a spiritual protest,” he said.

People participating in Friday’s spiritual uprising had posters in support of their spiritual warfare.

“The army of the Lord rose in protest and went into the enemy’s camp and shut down witchcraft and generational curses” Johnson said.

They carried banners in support of their spiritual protest.

He said the prayer movement started in 2016. They used to have about four rallies a year. Because it is the grace of God that sustains, it has been growing in an unpredictable manner and the need for these prayer rallies became so strong that they decided to have the rallies more often.

On May 1 at West End Community Hall, there was another prayer rally for Worker’s day which was also packed to capacity, he said.

“We asked God to come through for workers and we prayed for those who were seeking jobs.”

The next prayer rally will be in Jeffereys Bay on Friday July 27. However, because of the enthusiastic response the booked venue has become too small and they are praying for a bigger one.

Johnson said one of the future plans of the movement was to book a stadium that could accommodate the whole of Eastern Cape prayer movement.

Commenting on Friday’s prayer event, Pastor Joan Keeling, prayer coordinator for TCN sais: “I thought it was absolutely wonderful. I rejoiced to see so many people coming and worshiping our God, praying, and seeking God’s face for revival in our city because our heart is for revival.

“God is already moving in a wonderful way in Nelson Mandela Bay and is preparing us for a mighty move by stirring up more and more believers to pray!”


  1. All Glory to God.
    Chains are broken that has held our city in captivity.Revival has come to the Nelson Mandela bay.
    The East Gate be ready the outpouring of the Spirit Of The Lord .

  2. Glory to God. The devil is fleeing and our Areas will be Restored for good. Amen

  3. Uviwe Mbelekane


    The gathering of the prayer warriors was an awakening for the body of Christ.

    Satan has lost his grip in this City the Nelson Mandela Metropole belongs to Jesus.

    It is this kind of gathering that addresses and make an Apostolic statement in the spiritual realm.

    I boldly believe that the spiritual climate of Uithanage has been changed for the good.

    We are so blessed to have a broadcasting agent that steps out of its comfort zone and come to the people and make the difference.

    Gods people were mobilized and a Apostolic and Prophetic Riot erupted n Uithanage.

    I saw there that the believers can be radical.

    May the Lord God Almighty bless Pefm and it’s leadership. Above all we give all the glory to God.

    I am looking forward for Jeffrey’s Bay the 27th of July 2018.

    This city can be born again in one single day!

    As my Papa Apostle Jerome Liberty will always say “REACH FOR THE TOP THE BOTTOM IS OVERCROWDED”

  4. Praise God!!! Please do the same – start praying for the election of 2019 – we will see wonders.