‘Beyond the River’ preview in PE

Beyond the river

Call for those in business and education to attend

Heartlines have done it again — but this time they’ve upped the level! Beyond the River is a must-see film for every South African who is serious about wanting all of us to live together as one.

Based on a true story, it takes one to the shacks in an informal settlement behind Soweto and the life lived by a young black man — and to an upper class area of Johannesburg and the home of a white family.

Both men have a burning desire to win the Dusi Canoe race but there are many giants that have to be dealt with for them to succeed.

Jan du Plessis head of MNet Movies said, “One of the best films to come out of South Africa in the last 20 years”.

Preview information
The preview is showing at the Boardwalk Convention Centre on Thursday February 9 at 18:30.

Tickets and bookings are available from Margie at info@tcn.org.za

A donation of R30 per person, payable at the door, will be appreciated.

Business people and those involved in university and schools are encouraged to attend in the hope of encouraging block bookings when the film opens in cinemas on April 28.

The film is part of a broader campaign called “What’s your story?” that encourages South Africans to share their stories with each other in a way that will encourage trust and understanding in the hope of healing divisions in our country.


  1. I trust it will not be long before the rest of South Africa will be able to view this movie? (Please)

  2. This is a great movie, i cam tell just from the back ground information. We live in country that is silently divide by racial lines and past wounds. May God bless the crew behind this idea and movie.

    • Thank you so very much, Fikile. We appreciate your prayers and blessings greatly and pray that the film and campaign would be one of the many tools used to reconcile our nation.