US Filmmaker crowdfunds $90 000 for miracle evidence documentary in 16 days

Elijah Stephens.

Do you believe miracles are real?

That’s the question Elijah Stephens is seeking to answer in his upcoming documentary. “Miracles: Fact or Fiction?” will explore the existence, or lack thereof, of hard evidence backing up claims of the supernatural.

“I believe miracles can happen. Also, I have a degree in philosophy as well as psychology, so when I hear claims of people being healed, I naturally have lots of questions. I’m convinced that if they’re true, and God is doing this, then there should be a trail of evidence that corroborates some of those stories. 

“So I am going on an incredible journey to search for this evidence. Along the way we will talk to people from all walks of life, and pose hard philosophical, scientific, and theological questions to see if we find cases that we think are the real deal. Then we will give you the best testimonies we can find and the evidence to decide for yourself,” says Stephens.

In order to produce the film, which will feature interviews with scientists, physicians, and prominent “miracle workers” around the world, Stephens took to Kickstarter with the goal of raising $116 500 (R1.68m) in 30 days.

After just 16 days, the project has hit the $90 000 mark and looks poised to easily hit its goal.

How about you? Do you believe in miracles? Do you think investigating supernatural claims is a worthy pursuit?

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  1. Yes, GOD heals, I too have experienced an incredible healing! I was diagnosed with major depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorder, (back in 2012). I couldn’t go out of my home, because of my medical issues. In summer of 2015, GOD healed me of all mental issues! I even tried to kill myself in 2014, but GOD kept his hand on me and freed me! I have been without ANY mental conditions since that day. Yes GOD heals, miracles do happen!