Value based education – a desperate need!

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I write this update from Durban, where I am speaking at three Victory Christian Academy Award Ceremonies. Arlene and I are amazed at the academic excellence produced by Christian education.

The superior quality of education and Christ-like character instilled in young people at VCA and other Christian learning institutions – stands in stark contrast to public education.

Arlene and I also had the privilege of attending Cornerstone College’s Annual Graduation in Cape Town on December. Again, the question whether education without Biblical values is beneficial was raised.

Public education in SA is in a dire downward spiral, both academically and morally. University of the Free State Vice Chancellor, Professor Jonathan Jansen believes public education will implode within ten years if there is no urgent intervention by government and the public sector.

Jansen referred to the World Economic Forum’s survey which ranked public education in South Africa 133rdout of 142 countries. The dismal state of education is beginning to bear its tragic fruit.

The media reports, a 17 year old teenager attacked and raped a 70 year old grandmother in the Eastern Cape. This heinous crime underlines the fact that SA society is morally bankrupt.

Other reports during 2012 indicate that public education in SA is in a moral and academic crisis. The collapse of the education department in the Eastern Cape, the 17,250 school pregnancies in KZN and the Limpopo text book debacle all indicate that public education is in rapid decline.

It also appears as if nobody is responsible for education in SA. When asked by reporters if she will resign following the text book crisis, Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga remained defiant.

“Why should I resign?” she responded surprised. In other words, the National Minister of Education could not understand why she is being held responsible for text books not delivered to schools!

As we celebrate the academic achievements of pupils in Christian learning institutions, please pray for the public education sector. Millions of youth are being denied stable and quality education.

In addition, and as a result of the chaotic situation in public education, many foreign-funded anti-family groups are advancing their godless agenda in South African schools.

Organisations like “Save the Children” – who are funded by Sweden – believe children as young as five must receive sex-education. But their education includes “changing gender norms.”

The greater Church of Christ in SA must respond to the crisis in education. Instead of abandoning education as an unnecessary burden, Churches must establish more value-based schools.

Historically, the Christian Church answered the call of public education with remarkable results. Christian based learning institutions still stand head & shoulders above their counterparts.

I appeal to Christian parents to seriously consider Christian-based learning institutions for your children in 2013. You may need to sacrifice but it will be well-worth it considering the alternatives.

Another alternative is home-schooling your child/children. Reputable institutions of excellence like Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) and others can help you make this vital transition.

Public education no longer remains an option for Christian parents. The Christian Church must urgently respond to this crisis by establishing schools to rescue our youth from a life of despair and mediocrity.

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  1. Rev Ian Karshagen

    Here in Maclear at the Maclear Baptist Church, we are running a private Christian school called the Maclear Christian School. To be faced with the difficulties we have encountered over the past few years, has made us to realise the need for what we do and how angry the enemy is that we are doing it. Vasbyt! private christian school leaders, we have a mandate. Fulfill it!