Vote your Biblical values on May 7, 2014

Defending family, faith and freedom

On April 27, 2014, South Africa celebrated Freedom Day – marking 20 years of democracy. However, freedom appears to mean different things to different people.

To many in the public service, SA’s democratic dispensation signaled a sense of entitlement, which apparently, provides “rights” and “freedoms” to loot tax-payer money without conscience.

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And while the nation celebrates 20 years of democracy – the rights, beliefs and religious liberties of Christians are being steadily diminished to guarantee homosexual activists unfettered freedoms.

The SA Government is committed to providing homosexuals special rights and privileges. Religious freedoms and “gay rights” cannot exist side-by-side amicably. Biblical Christianity will always be at odds with the sexual rights agenda. The conflicting worldviews are as distinct as light and darkness.

South Africa’s democracy is also a carefully choreographed facade. Public policy implemented by the ANC government over the past two decades is mostly influenced by the United Nations.

The majority of South Africans still disagree with abortion-on-demand, same-sex “marriage,” liberal attitudes to pornography in the media, the social denigration of women through the legitimisation of strip clubs, massage parlours etc… that are blatant fronts for prostitution and sex trafficking.

Both the ANC and DA hold extremely liberal positions on social policy issues that are sharply at odds with the conservative views of the overwhelming majority of South Africa citizens.

Government’s liberal approach to key social issues has significantly contributed to the alarming breakdown in marriages and families – which in turn accelerates the moral decline of society.

Sex crimes against women and children in SA are amongst the highest in the world. Government’s allegiance to the UN driven sexual rights agenda has undermined its fight against these crimes.

The Christian Church’s diminished influence in society has greatly emboldened anti-family groups to freely advance their evil agenda. The absence of moral and principled resistance has opened the floodgates to secular humanist moral ambivalence that has ravaged South African society.

On May 7, the South African electorate can change the course and destiny of this nation. You can vote for a political party that represents your fears or you can vote your Biblical convictions and values.

On Election Day, my wife and I will cast our vote for the African Christian Democratic Party. We vote ACDP, not because we need a stronger opposition or larger numbers in Parliament but because we desperately need a political party that faithfully upholds our Biblical values and convictions.

The ACDP is not perfect. No political party is. But they have proven – over the past 20 years – that they will not compromise Biblical values and principles at any level of government.

I vote ACDP because they are the only politicians prepared to help me ensure the Body of Christ is truthfully and accurately informed about legislation that is harmful and destructive to the family.

Significantly, however, my convictions and conscience will not allow me to vote for a political party that blatantly violates the sanctity of life and legitimises behaviours God has condemned as sin.

Mostly, I vote ACDP because we need men and women of godly conviction in Parliament who have the political FREEDOM to boldly represent the kingdom of God without fear or favour.


Errol Naidoo


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    • Hi.
      Where is the ACDP in a suburb like Phoenix? We have so many churches here but the wards are controlled by the MF, DA & as recently as this year, the ANC has taken over a ward. Thanks.

  2. Die Afrikaanse Bybelse waardes-party is die Vryheidsfront-Plus – sien

  3. I agree with Errol 100%. People must vote based on principles, for leaders who always do what is right! Seriously, as Christians what have other parties done for us? It is only ACDP standing up for us! “Strong opposition” is a farce! All opposition parties count as opposition! It takes us standing for what we believe in, together to make ACDP strong!

  4. Many Christians I am acquainted with unashamadely say that there is no point in voting ACDP and say that by voting for a party other than the DA is of no numerical consequence and prefer torather vote for the latter party. Are said Christians placing their faith in a political party which espouses genocide of children in the womb of their mothers? Are said Christians voting for a poltical party that embraces the furtherance of the rights of sodomists? Think for yourself and then cast your vote!

    • Jane, you spoke like a statesman, I am voting for you to become the party spokesman!

  5. Jane, you spoke like a statesman, the ACDP needs more bold ambassadors like you! “For evil to triumph, all you need is for a good man to do nothing.”

  6. Gillian Rosenberg

    I made the DA aware when I was phoned to vote for them that I do not believe in abortion & some other unbiblical views.

  7. On TBN a few days back,Errol Naaidoo was allowing the ANC to trash the DA..I actually thought that he was ANC..there are radically saved b.a. christians in ALL the different parties,so its not so cut and dried simple to say who to vote for ,cos we must choose the party that will run the country the best for all people,and change it from within with your voice and prayer if some of the values are not right…

  8. samuel H Kennedy

    whilst it looks ‘noble’, Errol Naidoo is using this space to postulate a partial view, particularly with his utterances attributed to the ACDP. There are a few Christian parties contesting the election…so it is Totally un Christian to postulate a biased view he postulates. Similarly, what Errol Naidoo is conveniently Not telling Christians are the un Christian stances the ACDP has taken over the last 5 years, viz, the ACDP forming alliances with the DA against Govt; the ACDP forming alliances with opposition parties in Parliament; the ACDP forming a Govt with the DA in Swellendam. As we all know & Errol makes the point-the DA is a liberal, anti Christ party. So…why would the ACDP jump into bed with them. I suggest the brother stick to giving an overall opinion rather than a personal biased one. Sad when some of our professing Christians imitate & behave like the pagans. God Bless.