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Why people vote what they vote

…and why South Africans can be grateful for the election results By INcontext Ministries As the final ballots of South Africa’s fifth post-apartheid election were tallied on Friday 9 May 2014, the governing African National Congress (ANC) celebrated another victory with their resounding 62 percent of the vote. The official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance […]

Vote your Biblical values on May 7, 2014

On April 27, 2014, South Africa celebrated Freedom Day – marking 20 years of democracy. However, freedom appears to mean different things to different people. To many in the public service, SA’s democratic dispensation signaled a sense of entitlement, which apparently, provides “rights” and “freedoms” to loot tax-payer money without […]

The Church and politics

By Afrika Mhlophe — Pastor, author, Gateway News columnist [notice] See More articles in the ‘How should Christians vote?” category[/notice] Thank goodness we have cleared the hurdle and answered the question of whether or not the Church should be involved in politics. For most of us there is consensus that […]

How should Christians vote?

[notice]With the May 7 Election day approaching, various commentators are offering their personal views on how Christians should vote. Here are some opinions sent to us this week — and some thoughts from Gateway News columnist Afrika Mhlophe and editor, Andre Viljoen. We have also listed links to previous articles […]

2014 SA elections: Guidance on voting

By Alexander Venter — Vineyard pastor and author [notice] See More articles in the ‘How should Christians vote?” category[/notice] This year we celebrate 20 years of South Africa’s (SA) democracy. Remember the miracle of the 1994 elections? We go to the polls again on 7 May 2014. How should the church […]

Our responsibilities as Christian voters

By Graeme Preston — Attorney and Elder at The Storehouse, New Covenant Church [notice] See More articles in the ‘How should Christians Vote?’ category[/notice] As May 7,  2014 approaches many South African’s are gearing up to cast their vote, some have spent hours agonising over this decision, others may simply […]