WATCH: Biblical prayer model for SA making impact

Dr Arthur Frost DD PhD.

A timely biblical prayer model for South Africa, developed by Port Elizabeth Bible teacher and business sector consultant Dr Arthur Frost, is meeting a need amidst growing anxiety around the country about upcoming elections and recent events in Zimbabwe.

Youtube videos in which Frost teaches a simple prayer strategy for the nation based on biblical principles has been seen by about 7 000 people since he released the first video in December. He said he is currently getting about 100 inquiries daily about the prayer model which uses an acronym — RIBAT — to aid memorising the five main teaching points.

View Dr Frost explaining his RIBAT prayer model below:

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Tomorrow night (Tuesday February 5) he will be hosting an interactive online webinar on prayer on the Zoom platform which will give participants an opportunity to ask questions. You can join the meeting at 7pm tomorrow evening by clicking on the following link ( ) and inputting the meeting id: 568651652.

Frost runs Father’s Heart Online Ministry with his wife, Janine. He started the Word of Faith Bible College in PE, where he taught for 20years before starting Die Lewende Woord Bible College in Pretoria. He then took 5 years off to write a curriculum for his online teaching which currently reaches 500 to 600 people daily throughout SA and Africa.

When I commented on his courage in releasing a prayer strategy for SA, he said: “I’m not brave. I’m doing what I love and God has given me a gift to keep my teachings simple and Word-based.”

After he released his prayer strategy in December he said he was surprised at the tremendous response from pastors, prayer intercessors, farmers, professional people and people from different denominations. Some churches had presented the prayer model to their congregations. He realised people were looking for guidance and direction, and that there was a lack of teaching on basic biblical principles on prayer.

He said that an atmosphere of fear in many parts of the country had led to some people praying incorrectly. He was encouraged that releasing the prayer model was getting more people to pray — and to pray biblically, which allowed God to move.

His simple, pure, clear message is a call to the Church and Christian community to stand together in prayerful agreement, and for a national fast. From January 30 to February 1 he held a 3-day time of prayer and fasting.



  1. Blessing to you for your obedience. May the Lord open doors where no man can shut.

  2. Stay blessed! The article is well presented and very insightful. I’m sure Dr Arthur Frost would be proud of the way you have presented him and his cause.

  3. Briefly, what does the acronym TO BAT stand for? ACTS I know, which stands for: Adoration (= worship), Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication (= prayers requesting the Lord to bless, move, whatever).
    Anyone know??

  4. That should read RIBAT …
    Flippin’ predictive text…?