WATCH: ‘Cyrus Trump and Korea! — prophetic update from Lance Wallnau

Originally published in Prophetic TV

In a video message released in Jerusalem, speaker, author and thought-leader Lance Wallnau, who prophesied in 2015 that God was raising Donald Trump like he did King Cyrus in Isaiah 45, offers some insights into the significance of the US president’s historic meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un on Tuesday.

Watch the video message below and see notes and a transcript of part of the message.

Note the numbers 111 and 12 and 70 as they each have significance.

First off I believe the RONALD [Reagan] and the DONALD both have the same high-level angel assigned to them to put America on track and the global order in temporary alignment. Both Presidents shifted the nation and the world in ways that advanced the kingdom by opening up territory to the church.

Here’s a Ronald and Donald similarity: the Singapore Summit took place on the 12th of June, the SAME day and month Ronald Reagan, on June 12th 1987. President Reagan broke down the wall between east and west Germany and Donald Trump is breaking down the wall between North and South Korea.

Those TWO 12’s speak of GOVERNMENT in heavens advancing!

In the Hebrew calander June 12 corresponds to the 29th day of Sivan, when Moses sent 12 spies to explore the land of Israel’s inheritance. Psalm 2:8 is the promise of Nations being given to Jesus. That is happening now as Cyrus Trump fulfills Isa 45:1 to “subdue nations” and “loose the belts of Kong’s” or break the military threats aligned against him.

This month Sivan, is the Biblical month of alignment, direction and territorial/business expansion for the kingdom.


Key Singapore leaders told me they had to really fight thru resistance by repenting for many prayer curses on Kim that authorized dark forces to create confusion. Once they broke thru they pleaded for Kim to be realigned with his great, great grandparents – who were Christians!

Many thousands joined in prayer right up to and thru the meeting. Anyone who has gone to Korea can attest to the unusual intensity of South Koreans on this subject. They pray with tangible tears and travail for the North, acting almost like siblings that are separated and longing to come together.

NORTH KOREA’S CAPITAL Pyongyang was the center for Asian REVIVAL in 1907! That was 111 years ago.

In fact it was called the JERUSALEM of the East! Hard to imagine Azusa Street being shut down by the Gestapo, but that’s what happened, with multitudes being sent to prison and death.

Now a window is opening. If things keep going right a MASSIVE revival will be spearheaded by BUSINESS willing to go in and share the gospel while building up the nation.

South Korea was founded shortly after Israel- Aug 15, 1948. That’s 70 years! Both Israel and South Korea were birthed at the same time! Jesus said, “behold the fig tree (Israel) and ALL THE TREES (New Gentile Nation-States), when they begin to bud the time is near.”

70… 111… 12 .. somehow it all adds up!

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