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Nishani Ford.

Very rarely do we get to see incredibly beautiful full circles — today I want to share one with you.

Every single person in South Africa knows someone, or of someone, battling with drug addiction. Yet even with such prevalence, there is still so much shame and guilt around this issue.

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When I first met Nishani Ford about two years ago, she was very open about her oldest son Joshua’s battle with drug addiction. In our very first interview with her, Nishani spoke of what she described as living grief — grieving for her son who was alive yet lost to his family.

At the time of our interview, Nishani had no idea where her son was but she hoped that one day he would come home. Not long after the interview, Joshua did come home.

While this family is still going through healing and restoration, they describe the remarkable turnaround in Joshua’s life as nothing short of God’s “But Power”.

Joshua started using drugs when he was only 10 years old. Ten years of drug addiction, with more than 22 overdoses, his situation seemed completely hopeless. But God…. Watch their story below.

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