WATCH: ‘Keep praying, we are going to get the win’ — Lindy-Ann Hopley

Lindy-Ann Hopley, centre front, at The Return day of repentance on the Washington Mall on September 26.

Prayer, prophetic leaders call for intensive battle in Spirit to expose fraud, secure valid election results

South African evangelist and Gateway News columnist Lindy-Ann Hopley shared a live Facebook video from in front of the Trump International Hotel in central Washington DC late on Wednesday afternoon [around 20 minutes after midnight on Thursday morning in South Africa] in which she declared that President Trump will win a second term despite online live election results showing former Vice President Biden close to victory.

Sending her video the day after the Tuesday election day, at a time when many Christian Trump supporters were feeling deflated after sudden. unexpected polling results that appeared to be giving Biden a decisive edge, Lindy-Ann was one of the first voices to call on concerned believers to remain positive, prayerful and confident in what God had already said through His prophets in spite of indications of election fraud.

Lindy-Ann, who has been part of a remarkable move in the heart of DC in the runup to the elections, with huge crowds of Christians praying at The Return on September 26, a 35 000-people Let Us Worship event on October 25 and prayers on the Supreme Court steps on October 25 and 26, said an “exciting” Christian presence in the area had continued throughout election day and beyond, with intercessors milling around and 24/7 prayer and worship taking place in David’s Tent on Washington Mall.

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On election day she was up until 3am, following developments with other Christians.

“You know I could sense there was a lot of war in the Spirit and right now there is a lot of things saying you got to do a recount and it is very obvious there has been some fraud,” she said.

Referring to the state of Wisconsin, where online results showed Biden beating Trump by less than one percent, she said more votes have been counted than there were registrations. Trump has called for a recount in Wisconsin, citing “irregularities”. The Trump campaign, which remains upbeat about the president’s prospects, has also initiated lawsuits in multiple states amidst increasing reports and whisteblower accounts of alleged election fraud and chaos.

The 2020 presidential election is viewed by many Christians as an unprecedented clash of worldviews and a direct challenge between, on the one side, Christian values championed by Trump such as the sanctity of life, religious freedom, pro-Israel policies and a free market, and on the other side, radical support for abortion at any stage of pregnancy, repressive political correctness, contempt for religious liberty, and a shift towards socialism with Biden and the Democrats — with the collaboration of the mainstream media and big-tech who have been censoring news that contradicts their political narrative. The high-stakes nature of this election has got the attention of the world because of an awareness that the outcome will not just impact the course of America but will also have a ripple affect across many nations.

With different cutoff times for counting postal votes in different states Americans still have days to wait before an official election tally will be available. The delay heightens concerns about potential rising public violence as protesters take to the streets in a number of cities. Political commentators are predicting that the final outcome of the election will not be resolved without a long, drawn-out legal battle. and on Wednesday morning [US time] Trump said he would go to the Supreme Court if necessary to prevent the Democrats from “stealing the election”. A confident Biden has meanwhile launched a “presidential transition” website and is preparing for a legal standoff.

In her live video message on the day after the election, Lindy-Ann said that fellow Christians who were maintaining a presence in the political heart of Washington were still praying fervently and saying: “Lord, not on our watch” and “we are praying for righteousness and justice”.

Encouraging believers to keep praying for a godly outcome that glorifies Jesus, she said: “I want to tell you, we are going to get the win. The blood of Jesus has already paid for it. The prophets have already spoken it — even those who did not even know who the ‘trumpet’ in the White House would be: you can go and watch Kim Clement’s prophecy about a trumpet who would be in for two terms. So, it is the will of God. We are just praying for it to manifest.”

Watch Lindy-Ann Hopley’s message from in front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC

Also calling on Christians worldwide to pray and decree that God exposes the evil works happening in heaven and on earth around the spiritually-charged US election, is Lou Engele, an intercessor for revival and co-founder of The Call, a global prayer and fasting movement.

Lou, who played a leading role in some of the huge prayer events in Washington DC before election day, said in a video he posted after the election: “What a night. What a day. What a crisis we find ourselves in now, but this is not the time to despair. My heart is deeply encouraged this morning;  first of all, that God rules over the affairs of men and we can deeply trust Him. At the same time, He calls us to pray and to act in times of crisis.”

Lou is the author of Fast Forward, a book where he shows the power of the Esther Fast, three days without food or water. In the Bible, this fast precedes a move of God that exposes the evil of Haman with a sudden reversal of fortunes.

“Such a reversal is called for in the United States today,” he said with respect to Michigan and Wisconsin each receiving 140 000 mail-in-ballots in the early hours of the morning — all for Biden.

“What are the odds that that could actually happen, and it happened right at the same time?” Engle asks. “There are spiritual powers, those in heaven and on earth, moving in corruption.”

He asks that everyone decree that God will expose fraud and evil workings—for Zion’s sake (Israel) and for the sake of unborn babies.

“I believe in the God of sudden reversals,” he says. “We want a righteous election, an election that is true and right before God.”

Watch Lou Engele’s video message:

Another voice calling for intensive election-week intercession is prophetic leader Jeremiah Johnson whose book Trump and the Future of America has sparked much discussion over the past year, reports Charisma News.

Charisma’s report continues: Of particular interest is Chapter 9 ,where Johnson gave an answer to the most frequent question he had been receiving at the time (and throughout the year leading up to Nov. 3), “Will Donald Trump win the 2020 election?”

His answer in the chapter titled “The Winner of the 2020 Election” is currently unfolding as the nation watches state polling results trickle in, according to a special edition of Watchmen Wednesday.

In this chapter, Johnson discusses a dream he had where he saw a vision of President Trump running the Boston Marathon.

As he approached the finish line, onlookers began to hiss, shout and spit on the president as he neared closer and closer to the finish.

As he drew within 100 yards—the president fell.

Completely exhausted and gasping for air to get up and cross the finish line, two older women emerged from the crowd and somehow squeezed past the bulky security guards.

One of the two women required a walker just to be able to advance closer to the ailing president—the other, a cane.

As they drew near to him, a supernatural rush of wind enabled them to lift the president and inch him ever so slightly across the finish line.

After the dream, Johnson was given the revelation that the two older women represented the role of the praying church who would carry him across the finish line in a last-second victory.

These two women (the praying church) also represented an entire generation of people in the US—the Baby Boomers.

We believe that the Baby Boomers have done their part in this election to make sure to get out and cast their vote, as we saw millions standing in lines wrapping around city blocks for the chance to make sure their votes were counted.

But now is the time for the supernatural rush of wind that is stirred up by the prayers of the Church.

“Saints, we are in the middle of this prophecy,” according to the ministry. “Will you join in and bombard heaven with your prayers to supernaturally lift up President Trump and help him edge over the finish line?”

This is what will ultimately determine the outcome of this long and grueling election.

There’s an enormous battle raging right now in the spiritual realm. The darkness is trying to prevent itself from being exposed.

We’re calling all saints, intercessors and prayer warriors to lift up the supernatural wind and help the president, who is called for such a time as this, to cross the finish line.

Will you intercede for this nation? 

Dutch Sheets

Intercessory leader and author Dutch Sheets is also calling for intensive prayer at this time, reports Charisma News, He says that, weeks before the election, God gave him an additional word that has particular relevance in view of the massive voter fraud that seems to have taken place: “This is a spiritual battle and, as such, must be fought in the Spirit to maintain the victory God has already given.”

Sheets spent time before the election traveling across the US to mobilise prayer. He says that even then, he had a premonition that “this wasn’t going to end on election day, that there was coming a great war in the Spirit—and for the soul of our nation—after the vote.”

Sheets says God told him, “Don’t start over; you don’t have to win again. … because of the prayers leading up to that election, you have established a position of victory. Now, don’t turn this over to man or to humans; don’t give control back to them. Through your prayers, through your spiritual warfare, you have maintained My position in the Spirit, and I’ve given you the victory. Now, don’t stop praying and turn this over to the courts, to the legal system. Don’t do that. Keep it in the Spirit realm. And if you do maintain your position spiritually, you will win this war.”


  1. Mighty Lord of Heaven and Earth, we thank YOU !!! for the battle is YOURS !!! We as Your humble children will keep on praying, asking for the SUPERNATURAL…YOUR WILL !!!

  2. Almighty God, Who alone rules in heaven and on earth, I come against all godlessness and corruption in the Presidential election in the United States of America, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ – the name high over all. Lord, confirm and strengthen the righteous leaders and set aside those who oppose Your will – and You alone know who is who.

  3. Thank God Almighty, TRUMP is gone! I am overwhelmed with relief and gratitude like so many, not only in the US but all over the world. Praise the Lord, for His favour on America and the world. Joyous day! Victory to the people of the USA and the world! Trump is gone! Hallelujah!

  4. Justice will prevail ! Call on me and I will answer and show you great things you knew not. His name is a strong Tower…the righteous runs in it and are safe. Trump for second term by God!!