WATCH — PROPHETIC WORD: God is raising a future SA president to rule like David

Psalm 78:65-71
Hosea 6: 1-3

SA Back to God which is leading a 21-day fast for South Africa from January 13 to February 2 sent Gateway News a video clip today [see below] of a prophetic word on what God is saying for the nation in this new decade.

Janet Brann-Hollis of SA Back to God comments: “As we are in the second week of our fast, God is definitely speaking to intercessors all over the nation. Thousands are praying at this time and here is a particular word that was submitted, which will really encourage South Africans as we press into the greater mandate for a redeemed SA.

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“This is a word by a trusted, seasoned prophetess Anelie Bevan, in which she shares how God is preparing a David in this season, who will be the next leader of South Africa. The Lord is speaking through her and is encouraging the Church in SA and internationally to pray for the birthing of this leader.

“We ask that you have ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying, not hearing through preconceived ideas and personal agendas. How should we pray for this leader and the time of transiton we are going into? We need to pray that the perfect will of God be done, that His Kingdom come in this nation, His will be done in this time.

“God Bless you SA, and all her intercessors, prayer warriors, leaders and those committed to the facilitation and birthing of a Kingdom-minded South Africa.


  1. Yes LORD. bring Your people even nearer to You , as times are getting more difficult every day,so it sees…
    Let Your Holy Will be done ,in heaven as on earth, as in our lives and in our country, and bring up a David, if needed, call him from his fathers flock…

  2. Would that this is a prophecy fromGod and that it will be fulfilled sooner rather than later.

  3. My problem with this is that God clearly states in His Word: My kingdom is not of this world, (Jn 18:36) so why aim at establishing a Christian government? Satan is presently the god of this world.

    • Amen to Pieter. I’ve read too many prophesies for South Africa that proofed to NOT be true. The only true prophesies are those in the Bible. God’s Word tells us how to live and that there will be difficult times. Under these circumstances we are expected to live a godly life.

    • Yes, Jesus says “my kingdom is not of this world”, so no world system government will fulfill His purpose. What he does call us to do is to pray his kingdom into existence. And He would not tell us to pray for something that will not come into existence. “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”. So I’m praying and expecting his kingdom to be established here.

  4. Please understand that I support your views, but in the Heavenly realm of the persect of as it is in Heaven, so it will be on earth. The Annointing of a David and Joseph witness cannot be seperate, the same way as the 2 tablets of the 10 Commandments in the Arc of Tabernacles, is a witness to each other (most people believed the image of 4 Commands with ABBA on the one tablet, and six Commands with your neighbors is the true story) as both tablets have all ten Commands of Love on it, I feel sorry fot those churches proclaiming that they are no longer under this law, as it is the Will of Father that we love Him and our neighbors as ourself. CHURCH LEADERS NEED TO WAKE UP.
    His kingdom will be established on earth as it is in Heaven, so we are busy removing politics that bring division in the whole of the earth, new Governance is now rising from you as children of Father, removing worldly governments on earth now, do not lose focus, because draconian laws will now be removed, it is not a pie in the sky anymore. Take action now to govern, which was our Creator’s purpose for us on earth, David and Joseph will be revealed from His people in a very short space and time now. When you sit back now you will be ashamed from a passive seat on earth.

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    I saw three sheets . The first was held up by an angel who told me to look behind the sheet. I could see much bloodshed that had occurred but nothing presently happening. I asked him what is this and he said this is the bloodshed that has been known in this Nation. It was immense and very horrible. I could see on the sheet that blood stained it everywhere. As I watched I saw a small stream that formed in the North and grew into a mighty river. As it grew it washed the carnage and blood away but I also noticed that it washed the wicked away and particularly the minds and brains of them were washed away. They washed out to sea and I couldn’t see them anymore. It was gruesome but it flushed the Nation of what was, what had been history, and what the people thought was their destiny.

    The Angel then pulled up another sheet and it hid the dark places in the land. As I looked closely I saw the sheet bleeding a pure liquid. In some places it looked like super glue. It sealed chasms and wounds in the earth and as I looked further I realized it was also healing hearts and thoughts. It left a residue like snow across the earth and all across the land. I watched joy come on the people and a deep peace that invaded those who had previously been the most broken. The Angel said, “Redemption, redemption, redemption! The refining is done!” He then said, “Many who fled from the violence will return to the inheritances they have in this land. The wealth is going to be restored and the mines are being clothed and reopened with purity because they will supplies for the Harvest that comes. This is a rapid thing. The economy of this Nation will supply for many. It will not be many days. Purity is going to wash out corruption in every arena. Repentance is on the way.” The sheet remained over the people.

    The Angel then lifted a third sheet and I could see many angels at work. They began building infrastructures. I asked the Angel, “What are they doing?” He said, “They are putting in place what no man has ever known to put in place. They are putting in the Ways of God without religious forms and patterns. These Ways are what will nurture the lost that are coming. These Ways reflect what the father of the prodigal son implemented. These Ways are love expressed with a heart of mercy. They are structures to fully mature the disciples who are coming.” Then he said, “Look, and I looked to the East and from Durban I watched as a many knees fell to the pavement as they recognized The Lord, their Lord was in their Land more visible than He ever had been. Harvest time had begun in South Africa. Many turned to the Lord. The promise spoken for many years by the Prophets over the land that South Africa would bear the mark of a first fruit Awakening was here. I saw Jesus standing across the land and He said, “South Africa, Now, Now is the Time!” He looked at me and said , “Danny, tell them their is no more delay, no more heartache, no more visions laid down. Tell them the time is NOW, NOW, NOW!” He said, “As they hear this word it will be as a trumpet for many to return to the destinies God gave them in their childhoods. It will be as an order given where they will mobilize and recognize that the three sheets have happened. The first is over. The second is completing. The third had begun. It’s Now, Now, Now!

    Danny Steyne (USA)
    February 7-8, 2020
    (The Lord told me on February 7 that “The Time for South Africa is Now, Now!” He also told me to tell people more was coming. This morning He met me and gave me the rest of the word.)