WATCH: Woolworths ‘dangerous’ pride stance must be challenged, says Naidoo

Screenshot of a Facebook video in which Errol Naidoo calls for consumer action against Woolworths. To view the video click here

Errol Naidoo director of the Family Policy Institute has called on Christains to take a stand against retail chain Woolworths over its campaign to celebrate ‘Pride Month’

In a Facebook video he warns of “dire implications” of the “anti-family” policy stance that Woolworths has taken in order to join many others around the world who celebate LGBTQ+ culture in June.

Naidoo says the company “has also embraced the sexual rights movement” and has established a “pride task team” in its stores where it is stocking pride merchandise including a range aimed at children.

He also says olworths is funding LGBTQ support groups. “These are the very support groups that are pushing for hate crimes laws, to silence Christians and to criminalise the Bible. These are the same support groups that are pushing for the redefinition of marriage and family. These are the support groups that are attacking Christians and churches because of our disagreement with the LGBTQ lifestyle,” he says.

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He says if believers do not take a stand against Woolworths actions other companies will follow suite and invest in groups who are attacking Christians.

He urges South African Christians to boycott Woolworths – “at least during June” – to convey the message that “they cannot get away with this.”

Naidoo also asks believers to email Woolworths SA CEO Roy Bagattini, at and “clarify that aligning with the sexual rights movement is not ‘inclusive justice’ but rather advancing a political agenda that rams its ideology down people’s throats, and attempts to silence and punish those who disagree with its lifestyle choices”.

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Responding to critics, Woolworths has said through its’ press office said that they will not retract their Pride Month campaign.

They say they takes their responsibility to build diverse, inclusive, and safe environments for all people and customers around the world seriously and that their campaign forms part of the Woolworths Inclusive Justice initiative/

In the United States consumer boycott action against major chainstore Target over its Pride Month campaign has seen the company lost nearly $15 billion (R297 billion) in market value. This dramatic collapse has “woken up” other companies to the importance of staying away from controversial issues, according to a businessman quoted by Christian Headlines.

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  1. I have just sent a message to Woolworths protesting against their stance on the Pride event.

    However, it is important that we keep reminding ourselves as Christians that our enemy is not flesh and blood, but sin which is a spiritual force.

    True Christians should hate sin, and love the sinner.
    For example if my uncle is a thief, I can hate stealing (sin) and still love my uncle.
    I love members of the LGBTQI communities, but i hate the lifestyle with passion. As children of God we must also invest most of our time waging a spiritual warfare against the demons that are giving children of God the urge to sin in an attempt to separate people from the love of God.
    Finally, we must not forget to use the weapon of love to wage war against the evil we see around us. Afterall it is highly unlikely to come across a person with a testimony that says “those Christians hated me until I got saved”. On the contrary, we are more likely to come across a testimony that says ” the love of Christ in that child of God got me saved”. Let love lead because faith in God works through love.

  2. Suzette van Rooyen

    Sorry Woolworths, but after shopping in your store for 55 years, you won’t be seeing me or many of my friends during the month of June and after that, most likely not again. Your store is an embarrassment.

    • I wonder if the LGBTQI communiy makes up 5% of the popularion, but Woolworths dedicates an entire month to this, with special merchandise for sale on the racks. I don’t think this makes sense to the other 95 % of the population, who does not get celebrated.

  3. Michael Higgs

    Rendi’s stance and explanation are 100% in my book. Although we love those involved in Gay Pride, they are supporting something that God calls sin. Let’s pray for them, that they may find the truth in Jesus before Jesus comes as our Judge, and finds them on the wrong side. And let’s also pray “Marana tha” – Come Lord (Jesus)!