WATCH: Young men set example of racial harmony, Christian unity in face of SA violence

In a week in which protests against farm murders have highlighted racial tensions in South Africa, a video clip featuring a young white man and a young black man calling for the Church to be united and prayerful in this season, has gone viral on social media.

Worship musician and social media missionary David Bergh, 26, and intercessor Enoch Moses, 29, — both of Bloemfontein — made the video after God individually inspired both of them to do so, David said in a telephone interview yesterday.

He said Jesus showed him during an intimate vision last week that disunity in the church in South Africa broke His heart. Thereafter he saw reports of farm murder protests and felt he should make a video with his housemate Enoch. That same day — while at church — Enoch felt he had to make some kind of video with David. They made the video that day and it was sent out via social media the next day.

In the video, which can be viewed below, the friends say God wants to use a united church in South Africa and the purpose of their video is to break pride and racism. They set an example by forgiving each other for what they identifiy as the sins of their people groups. Then they pray in unity for South Africa and call for ongoing prayer for the nation.

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David said he sent the video to 1 000 WhatsApp contacts and believed it had gone viral on that platform. He also posted it on Facebook, where at the time of publishing this report it was approaching 24 000 views. He said as a result of the video they had been approached by some prayer groups. He believed their message will prompt prayer responses and urged people to contact them via email at for helpful resources on praying Scripture.

He said his own spiritual walk came alive about three years ago after an encounter with the Holy Spirit following a period of depression. Since then he had lived all-out for Jesus. He is currently writing a book, releasing a worship video, developing an app aimed at uniting Christian leaders, and ministering from his Facebook page — DavidBerghMusic — which is followed by over 34 000 people.

Two months ago he moved from Pretoria to Bloemfontein after God unexpectedly opened doors for him there when he stopped over en-route to Cape Town. Within a week of that stopover he relocated to Bloemfontein where he is connected with local intercessors and where he believes God is going to do “something incredible”.


  1. Hlengani Chauke

    Encouraging. May God continue to bring reformation in this country in this season. Blessings.

  2. Leading by example and encouraging each of us to reach out and make the positive actions of nation building one on one which will multiply as God blesses the steps taken