We need to repent of our unbelief to see another level of revival — Mogoeng

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

At an online day of repentance meeting on Tuesday Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng urged South African Christians, beginning with himself, to repent of unbelief, fear and complacency and to boldly contend for the full measure of the revival and reformation that God wants to bring at this time

Sharing his personal struggles with unbelief and fear this week after hearing that God had revealed to intercessors that He wanted the repentance gathering to celebrate a recent “victory” in the Constitutional Court that they believe signals the “ushering in of God’s government”, Mogoeng said his initial response was to object that to do so would compromise his position as Chief Justice and create the impression he was campaigning against the ANC government.

During his quiet time on Tuesday morning, hours before the repentance meeting hosted by the Parliament Prayer Altar (an intercessory group) and leaders of a national healing campaign that he heads up, he asked the Lord what he should do — and God told him that his fearful, unbelieving response was typical of the Church which falls back on human logic and understanding when asked to step out of its comfort zone.

He said God showed him how, in his fear about the personal implications of the intercessors’ prophetic word, he immediately doubted the word and forgot previous times when God had spoken clearly through that forum, how He had done things that they had cried out for, and ways that He had exhibited his power and glory during lockdown — including by organising an Africa Day prayer gathering in a way they could never have imagined.

Before leading the group in several poignant prayers of repentance, Mogoeng highlighted a number of apt Scriptures, including Matthew 17:19-21 (dealing with faith, prayer and fasting), 2 Kings 7: 1-2, 18-20 (the consequences of disbelieving an “impossible” prophecy about a sudden economic turnaround) and parts of Esther 3 and 4.

He said, like his initial reaction to the word from the intercessors, Queen Esther first responded with fearful human reasoning when the prophet Mordecai urged her to approach the king on behalf of the Jews. Then she repented and called on the Jewish people to join her in fasting for three days before she went to the king at great personal risk. And the result was “a great turnaround, a great revival”.

Mogoeng said Esther’s fearful unbelief “almost aborted the ushering in of the government of God, her prosperity and the prosperity of her people and the fulfilment of the destiny of Mordecai.

“So that is what our unbelief threatens to do — to frustrate the ushering in of the government of God,” he said.

Mogoeng’s repentance prayer points included “for leaning on our own understanding” in fear and unbelief; for trusting the word of the world (media, government, society) more than the Word of the Lord; for hiding when we are called to show ourselves (e.g. as supporters of Israel) and to act; and for complacently neglecting our responsibility to fast and pray desperately for the full manifestation of the will of God as revealed in prophetic words about coming revival and reformation.

He also prayed for boldness and “the grace to never leave our post again — for us to do whatever is necessary as the Spirit of God leads to get to where the Lord desperately wants to take us. The grace not to go back to slumber again”.


  1. Pierre Holtzhausen

    Amen & Amen!! We stand with you Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, we will keep on praying for you!! Shalom!!

  2. Lord we believe… forgive thou our unbelief. I repent of doubting in the future of our country and surrender every negative, anxious attitude in prayer. May You be greatly glorified in a massive revival of true faith in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Whose gracious Name I pray – Amen

  3. For God has not given us the spirit of Fear but of power and of Love and of a sound mind Grace to press on boldly and never miss the harvest opportunities

  4. I praise God 4 this amazing message of God calling is 2 repent on behalf of pur leaders & nation but I had 2 also repentc& seek God’s mercy on behalf of family members who have turned away from God & also racist people who so nasty thinking they still own the world… I praise God that He is calling the church 2 rise up & speak for justice & righteousness so that govt & leaders in churches can be heard & 4 Gods Kingdom 2 b extended & blessed ! I’m grateful 4 the time now 4 church in SA to b bold & courageous 2 condemn evil & 2 stand up 4 Gods & His will 2 b done in SA !

  5. Thank you for bring me back in line.

  6. Apostle Andile Fodo

    It’s high time now for the church of Jesus Christ to stand up for what we are called for we are called for rightouesness, even when we vote let’s vote rightouesness not traditionally because what is happening out there we also contributed direct or indirect repetence is the key and do things rightly so.

  7. We must stand when other’s fold… Our God is faithful…. my prayer for you is never to fold but to always stand up for what is right and acceptable in God’s eyes…. stay blessed and focused.

  8. Abba Father we believe, forgive our unbelief. We repent of doubting your word for the future of our country and we surrender every negative words, thoughts, actions and attitudes. May You be greatly glorified in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen. Thank you Jesus for Your grace

  9. Amen. This is an inspiration that we all need. May the Almighty Yahweh be praised.

  10. Pulane Matsaseng

    I thank the Lord for the Word by Chief Justice. It exposes unbelief & doubt in my heart towards God. I repent and ask Father to forgive me and my family for not resting in His power for a change in our country. May the Lord bless Chief Justice for his obedience and humility. His confession helps many! To God be the glory!

  11. Amen! Praose God for godly leaders.

  12. CHARLES Munsamy

    Well done CJ. You are the voice of God in government.

    “Therefore, I tell you, whatsoever you ask for in prayer, believe that you RECEIVED it, and it shall be yours.” Mark 11.24
    You are the moral barometer for this Constitutional Democracy.

    The Holy Spirit will reveal to you what is yet to come…

  13. The best is yet to come! Thank you Jesus for turning things and people to YOU! YOU alone is the Waymaker, Miracleworker, Promisekeeper and Light in the darkness….THAT is who you are….

  14. Aletta Riddles

    Nehemiah liberation Christian party ….Praise God. Soon we will Gods mighty hand in our lives. We just waiting on Gods guidance.. On the right time there will be a massive open air revival. Hallelujah

  15. CJ, thank you for standing! Thank you for raising the sound that will impart change. We pray for your protection.

  16. Hilary Greg Cruywagen

    It is a privilege to hear a person state in detail their unbelief.
    I am concerned and convicted that I personally do so little of this nor experience this in my community.
    James 5 v 16 the Message:
    Make this your common practice; Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you can live together whole and healed. The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.
    Lord, revive our hearts.

  17. Dear greetings from TANZANIA .we give thankfully to you to starting this repentance prayer.this is the Biggining of Revival God’s want to see in Africa. I Behalf in My Christians in the country level. I join with you
    Affiliated with you in prayer work . let’s us African People to join our hands And our Faith
    By Dr. Eliah Mauza
    The Global Revival Network
    P.o.box 3204
    Dodoma Tanzania

  18. SIR,