What does it mean to you to be a fool for Christ?

It is April 1 and so, what better time to ask some people what it means to them to be a fool for Christ. We will publish our respondents’ answers as we receive them. So keep checking for the latest replies. Meanwhile, we would love to hear your answer to this question. You can tell us by replying to this post.

Clair Arthur, Programme Manager of Kingfisher FM, says:
Great question

I don’t believe God has ever asked me to be a fool for him… I think that one comes naturally for me ;) ha ha!
I am busy falling in love with the most amazing man at the moment and I believe we are going to have a great future together and when I’m around him its like no-one else exists.
The other day we went for a picnic on the beach and once we finished eating we both got a little playful and had a brie (the cheese) fight on the beach…(I’m not going to ask you to understand) And honestly I couldn’t care who was watching because I was having a special moment with the one I … Well we will leave that word out for now ;)
Being totally consumed and in awe of one I find a comparison between my feelings and experience with …. And with God.
God’s love makes me feel less concerned about what others think and its in that – that I make decisions and do things that the people around me may not understand
But that’s ok – because I am in love with my King and I pray He consumes me even more :)

Hope this makes sense :) I’m typing it as I move

Dr Waldo Malan, Editor of Vision Magazine says:
To be a fool for Christ means to be a clown to the world and carry on with the show despite the boo’s and regardless of the applause.

Prof Piet Naude, Director of the NMMU Business School and newly-appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university, says:
A “fool for Christ” implies that one’s mind is fundamentally shaped by the grace of God (Rom 12.1-2) so that you view yourself, all other people, and the world, with the “mind of Christ”.
This “mindset” is driven by values that stand in direct opposition to the logic of the world: instead of seeking to be served, you serve; instead of building a name for yourself, you promote the Name of Christ; instead of constructing your own kingdom, you focus on the kingdom of God; instead of serving your own agenda, you leave everything and follow Christ and His agenda for you; instead of clinging to preserve yourself, you give away your life for others, especially the poor and the vulnerable; instead of condemning, you love.
All of this makes you a fool. You look a bit crazy.

Frans Cronje, film producer (Faith Like Potatoes, Hansie), says:
To be a fool for Christ is to trust in Him with everything, then to do exactly that you believe He wants you to do, no matter what people say or think.

General Dawie Rabie, SAPS Commander of Mount Road Cluster, says:
It means not to be ashamed in front of whatever audience of Jesus and the gospel.



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  1. I think it means, not being afraid of man, and even if you receive flak for taking a stand, so be it. At our daughter’s school, a first time hockey player, got severely smacked on the hand by a hockey ball, the day before they jetted out to Holland on tour. And my first thought was, Jesus can touch her and make her whole…. and then while I was making the decision to step up and offer to pray for her, the moment was gone. Fortunate for me I was able to still contact her family and offer to pray for her. But what about that very moment… of perhaps being on the spot, praying for her, regardless of the scorn of onlookers.. Just a thought… obedience without inhibitions of man