Why you need to be at the stadium on Saturday

[notice]Port Elizabeth Pastor, Afrika Mhlophe, speaks his heart to his Christian brothers and sisters in Nelson Mandela Bay[/notice]

On this coming Saturday something historic is about to take place in Nelson Mandela Metro, a metro named after the global icon, Dr Nelson Mandela. No, he is not visiting this part of the world and neither is any other famous person – as far as I am aware.

To be fair we have had our share of celebrities and VIP’s gracing our shores in few months and years past. Just a few weeks ago the State President made a stop over here and inspected the local vehicle manufacturing plants. During last year’s FIFA World Cup a number of so-called celebrities watched games in our new-built soccer stadium. I hope you still remember the world cup;  it was here, I assure you.

“Be there with the right attitude and know this, generations after you will thank you for taking such a bold stand.”

Anyway,  as a volunteer during the tournament I spotted a number of these celebrated and revered individuals. Besides the players and other soccer personalities I know that people like Leonardo Dicaprio, Mick Jagger, Paris Hilton and the likes were here. Ms Hilton even visited our Magistrate’s Court to answer to charges of smoking dagga in the stadium. Can you believe what these people get up to? The deputy president of UEFA whom I drove around the city was well behaved, I must say;  he even gave me his business card. I have never used it and don’t imagine that I ever would but if there are any talented soccer players out there wanting to ply their trade in Europe and willing to pay me to be their manager I might find myself a new career. Goodness me if they are going to pay you R2 million rands a month and you would be paying me 15% of that, you need to give me a call. My number is 082…….

Jokes aside, on the 22nd of October 2011 we are coming together to pray and solicit the Almighty to undertake for us in matters bedevilling our city and nation. By we I mean the body of Christ from different denominations, ethnic groups, communities, etc. If you have not already made plans to be there I urge you to make the effort. Elsewhere in this publication details about this event and other logistical issues are covered. My duty is to show you why you must go to the stadium. Why you must come and pray with thousands of strangers when you are perhaps already praying for the city as an individual or a church. I need you to understand that there is merit and power in corporate prayer like the one about to place in this city.

Deep repentance
Understand my brothers and sisters that all major moves of God are preceded by deep repentance and submission to God. We should never underestimate how our presumptions and sins offend our God. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal and prayer is one of those weapons. Though we see the world striving and doing its very best to solve the numerous problems besetting it yet we should keep in mind that most of these problems have a spiritual source. It is better to close the tap than to run around with a bucket trying to take out the water coming into your home. We as a city are faced with issues like crime, division, poverty, education crisis, etc. Many well-meaning efforts and resources have been expended to try to solve these and other challenges but we are not making much of a dent.

I tell you what; instead of creating different altars and trying to placate different man-made systems, there is but one altar we should all call to. From politicians to priests, from businessman to beggars, from the suburbs to the slums, we all need to humble ourselves before God. It is time that we dislodge the principalities ruling over this city. Power is not what we lack but the knowledge on how to use it.

Whether you use walk, cycle, drive, to the stadium be there. Be there with the right attitude and know this, generations after you will thank you for taking such a bold stand. I will be at the stadium, not only for myself but also for my 2 year old son and many others still yet to be born.

History will judge us harshly if we draw back in the face of adversity. The Lord of hosts has summoned His army and let them now stand for attention for He is about to speak. Let His name be glorified forevermore.


  1. Hi, i would just like to find out what time this starts and if there is going to be a entrance fee or something, herd about it one Kingfisher fm. would love to go, can anyone help?

    • Hi Lanzo. Stadium gates open at 1pm and the prayer day is from 2pm to 5pm. You need a wristband to enter the stadium: they will be on sale from kiosks outside the stadium from 12.30pm on Saturday. R5 for adults and R2 for scholars/children.