Will the sheep remain silent while SA’s children are fed to the wolves?

Errol Naidoo, director of Family Policy Institute.

By Errol Naidoo — Originally published in JOY! News

On 14 August, Family Policy Institute sent a letter to the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga – co-signed by ten major Christian denominations – warning about the dangers of “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) to the health, innocence and welfare of South Africa’s schoolchildren. We strongly urged the Minister to cancel the planned implementation of CSE in 2020.

The letter includes the outcomes of global studies conducted on CSE in 103 countries that revealed the program does more harm than good. UNESCO, the UN agency promoting CSE in South Africa makes claims about the program that have not been proven in or outside the US.

I reiterate my warning to parents, the Church and civil society leaders and general society. “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” is not sex education – It is the sexual indoctrination of young children cunningly devised by the “International Planned Parenthood Federation” (IPPF) – the largest abortion provider in the US and a key driver of the radical global sexual rights movement.

As a consequence, parents who ignore the multiple warnings about the dangers of CSE will inadvertently surrender their children to the diabolical agenda of global sexual rights activists – whose goals are clear – to bypass traditional views on human sexuality and indoctrinate vulnerable children with unbiblical views on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI).

The South African government signed agreements at the UN to implement CSE in the country’s public schooling system. Significantly however, the Department of Basic Education (DBE) has so far refused to divulge precisely what aspects of CSE will be included in its Life Orientation curricula and more importantly, whether parents will be kept truthfully informed.

The DBE’s silence on the content and parental involvement in the implementation of CSE in South African schools should set alarm bells ringing. CSE is designed to bypass parental authority and values to indoctrinate young children with “sexual rights” ideology (children as young as 4 have a right to sexual pleasure). It also promotes experimentation with high risk sexual practices and attempts to change the gender norms of society.

Global sexual rights activists have made their intentions clear. Bypass parental authority and the Church and target young children to ensure the next generation conforms to the destructive ideology of sexual rights. Sexual responsibility and sexual health are ignored.

Tragically, despite the unambiguous objectives of this harmful agenda and the fact that it blatantly targets young children with harmful sexual indoctrination, the response from South African parents and the Christian Church has been worryingly subdued.

Please note, once global sexual rights radicals gain a foothold in our schools, it will be a major battle to remove them. The sane objective is to ensure they don’t obtain access to our children in the first place!

Parents have a duty and responsibility to God to protect their children from sexual indoctrination by the state. The Christian Church has a duty and responsibility to God to speak and act on behalf of vulnerable children and uphold Biblical values in society.

Government has confirmed its intention to implement CSE in 2020. That’s about 5 months away. If parents and the Church do not act now, the terrible consequences of the destructive sexual indoctrination contained in CSE will be suffered by society for generations to come. Pray & Act now!


  1. I may be wrong but it may be helpful if churches, on Sundays presented these facts to the congregation and provided opportunity for the “sheep”to sign petitions , write letters as a United front. I think many people are not fully aware of what is being proposed. Many Christians do not read Gateway News and do not receive the information that we tend to think is so readily available. Sometimes apathy is sometimes ignorance.

  2. I would like to know what is wrong with the current curriculum?I taught life orientation and found it was informative enough and appropriate.A child at 4 needs to learn to KNOW the body,what it is,which is the foundation to protect him or herself from abusers,not learn to experiment,which would set them UP for being pounced on by abusers.The country needs to educate its children from a Godly perspective,that is how education started,and not from an American perspective.