Winds of change in SA political landscape?

Defending family, faith and freedom

DA leader, Helen Zille who recently announced she will not stand for re-election at the party’s congress next month. (PHOTO: iol News)

The winds of change appear to be blowing through the South African political landscape with the DA’s Helen Zille’s recent announcement she will not stand for re-election as the party’s leader in May 2015.

The face of opposition politics may change forever if the DA’s parliamentary leader, Mmusi Maimane is elected the party’s new Commander-in-Chief. The charismatic Maimane leads the list of candidates.

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And speaking of “Commander-in-Chief,” EFF leader, Julius Malema’s problems with SARS appear to be escalating. Apparently, his agreement with SARS is no longer valid. Malema now faces additional penalties and sequestration in the High Court on 1 June which means he will lose his seat in Parliament.

In addition, rumours persist that President Jacob Zuma may not complete his current 5 year term. Apparently, there is growing unhappiness in the ANC with his controversy wracked leadership.

This means that by year-end, South Africa may have a new state president, new leader of the official opposition and may also see the end of Julius Malema’s short but controversial stint in politics.

If Zuma is ousted or recalled, presumably, Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa will take the oath as the next President of South Africa. With Ramaphosa as president, Maimane as leader of the official opposition & Malema in the political wilderness, SA could enter a new season of stability & prosperity.

Interestingly, both Ramaphosa and Maimane have strong Christian backgrounds. If the Body of Christ remains in faith and continues to intercede for the nation, we will see God transform South Africa.

At the beginning of this year I spoke to several Christian leaders about their perspectives of 2015. Some said we will see a “shaking” in South Africa and abroad. Others agreed change will come.

What we may be experiencing is the beginnings of this shaking as God sovereignly removes one ruler and sets another in place. He is, after all, the King of kings. 

I can’t shake the feeling that the Lord is giving His Church a unique window of opportunity to impact and influence the political sphere of this nation — so we can direct and shape its destiny.

The SA Government is currently facing mounting pressure to fix the growing political, economic and social challenges the nation faces. As a result of weak leadership, the ruling party is losing credibility.

In the midst of this man-created chaos God will bring order. You and I must co-labour with the Lord through prayer and praise. Continue to pray God’s will be done for South Africa and you will see it.


  1. I do believe in a world wide shaking!South Africa included.

    Jacob Zuma stated that the ANC will rule until Jesus comes.I have news for you,this will never happen.During this shaking many will be “lost” A balanced government will be formed, I do see Maimane as leader, Cyril Ramaphosa have blood on his hands.Winds of change is indeed coming but not without a shaking!I warned South Africa about Julius Malema since 2011, he is not finish by a long shot.God is using this man as an instrument to judge South Africa. In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.Romans 2:16.Jesus is going to rid this world of unrighteous people before he returns.Hag 2:6 says, This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. I will shake all nations (including South Africa), and what is desired by all nations will come,There will be Great revival after this shaking in South Africa, Get your cameras ready Andre Viljoen!!!

  2. lisa vagaggini

    Indeed God puts in kings and He takes them out. It will take time to undo this disaster and I pray that the King of Kings will be gracious to all in SA and that ALL in SA kneels before the most high God and repents.
    zuma would not recognise Yeshua Ha’Mashiach if He stood in front of zuma with the entire host of heaven present. zuma is blasphemous beyond belief.

  3. Die meeste mede-Christene (soos hierbo) misreken hulle ongelukkig sleg met die nabye toekoms wanneer hulle nie hul menings grond op korrekte Bybelse eskatologie soos deur bv prof Johan Malan (, dr Soon Zevenster (Tygerradio), dr Raymond Lombard (De Tyger, Parow), en Jaco Scholtz( nie.

  4. I am deeply encouraged that through the shakings South Africa is currently experiencing, the LORD will bring forth His choice of leaders: both Maimane and Ramaphosa are born again leaders. Let us not found to be lacking in steadfast, fervent prayer ! We are standing on the cusp of deliverance and restoration

  5. Sydney Opperman

    Everyone who is not “fastened” to the Word will be shaken.the “church” as an institution will be shaken.We are called to be part of ONE organism / ONE BODY and not thousands of organisations. It is the church as a body,the cooperate son that must take her rightful place.Cyril and Musi must fullfill their calling within the body

  6. These comments are very interesting. I do not think for one minute that the current President will step down anytime soon, he will finish his term. I would be worried if maiemane is a born again Christian as you say but his language in parliament does not indicate that at all. I am not sure I would stake my future in this land on such a man who does not speak and plant the words of our Lord. I believe it does not matter what leader we have when we as Christians are not understanding the power we have in Christ. The nation is in the position it is in because very few of us have done anything about the policies of this nation and very few of us stand up and raise the nameof Jesus when it matters. We seen things though the eyes of the media when we have been given the secrets of the kingdom of heavento dicern the times. It does not matter what leader comes, what matters is what you and I who cal, our selves Christians do with the power we have. The government of SA van be changed by us tomorrow not just those who vote for the and or da ……I belong to the party of Christ that van change kingdoms overnight who do you belong to? Waiting for maimane and Cyril to save you and this country?

    • Just read your response Gugu and of course as a believer and disciple of Jesus Christ I share your convictions. However, God works through people – he also appoints ‘kings’ and deposes ‘kings’. I encourage you to listen to Errol Naidoo interviewing Mmusi Maimane in the latest edition of Gateway News! It gives an excellent insight !! I was reminded of Joseph who governed Egypt within the confines of Egyptian laws of the time. – But as Mmusi says in the interview: there is a call on each one of us to be the salt and the light – not just moralist – in society while remembering that even God grants us free will to make our choices ; He never forces anyone. Selah and God bless as we all hear the clarion call via Mmusi and roll up our sleeves to make a positive and constructive difference in the constitutional democracy God granted in 1994. I for one am inspired and ready to get really involved in any small way possible

  7. I have been seriously attacked by extreme racist DA members in the western Cape. They still target me to this day. My property was burnt in an arson attack with police refusing to investigate the fires. I can prove the corrupt protecton of racist white people within the justice department. This goes up to Mrs. Zille. I can prove really unlawful acts and humanrights violations within the system and DA.I would be interested to know what Mr. Errol Naidoo has to say and if he is prepared to assist in this matter or at least hear my case. Most incidence were proved in court and nothing was done to stop these attacks. Mrs. Zille blocked further investigation into Racism she herself proved in a preliminary investigation and then covered it up to save face