Worship moves back into frontline of battle, and souls are being won

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Burn 24/7 leader Sean Feucht leads worship at the Kingdom Come SA 2017 conference in Johannesburg last week.
Jesus leads Sikh song leader out of Golden Temple

We read in the bible about worship musicians going ahead of armies in battle — with amazing results (See 2 Chronicles 20:21-22),

Worship pioneer Sean Feucht says he’s been seeing worship teams going in front of the army in northern Iraq — ahead of battles with Islamist terror movement ISIS.

“In fact I’ve been myself, several times, and we’ll literally see a direct correlation between us going in and singing and worshiping and declaring with the army protecting us, and the next day they will win over that area or region or town that we worshiped in,” he said in an interview in Johannesburg last week where he was leading worship at the Kingdom Come SA 2017 conference.

Feucht, who is founder and leader of the Burn 24/7 prayer and worship movement and a worship leader at Bethel Church, California, said a lot of the army units they linked up with were led by Muslim commanders, but they wanted Christian musicians to go ahead of them. He said they typically went and worshiped in strategic areas for which there had already been much prayer for deliverance from ISIS control.

Just before travelling to South Africa last week, for a Burn 24/7 worship event in Port Elizabeth on Monday February 6, and the Kingdom Come conference from February 9 to 11, he spent time in India, where he says, despite intense persecution, the church is growing rapidly with 20 to 25 000 people coming to Christ daily. People’s homes were being burnt down for following Christ but they continued to do so fearlessly.

His team gathered with hundreds of pastors and worship leaders and church planters from unreached people groups right across India. The leaders were mostly “radically saved” believers from Hindu, Sikh and Muslim backgrounds who were there to “take back to their villages the things we were imparting”.

One of the leaders at the gathering had been leading music in the Sikh Golden Temple in North India two weeks ago, when the unthinkable happened. He saw Jesus, clothed in white, walk in and tell him to “Come and follow Me”.

“At the time we met him he was a two weeks old Christian and he was writing worship songs — about the salvation story, the testimony of Jesus — it was amazing,” said Feucht.

“I feel that the best evangelism tool we carry is not arguments or apologetics or theology — but it really is encounter. And the number one method of salvation among hardline Muslims and Sikhs and Buddhists is encounters with Jesus — encounters with the presence of God.

“These bypass all of the arguments and all of the stuff we try to do, and it really is the same thing we see in scripture — the encounter that shifted Saul to Paul. And we’re seeing it directly linked to the increase of prayer and worship across the globe. It’s leading unto the greatest harvest of souls ever,” he said.

The vision of Burn 24/7 is to light a fire of day and night worship all over the world. Currently there are 200 Burn 24/7 furnances (worship communities) around the world.

“It is great coming to nations like South Africa that are free, but for me, myself, I really get a lot of impartation from going to the places where it is hard,” he said.

Asked what he sensed in South Africa after visiting many times, he said: “I feel like the more there is instability — whether it’s fear or anxiety, political or economic or social or whatever  — the more opportunity there is for the Church to be what it is called to be: a city on a hill, a strong foundation, a source of hope in times of disarray.

“I’m very encouraged, the Church here has been stepping up in the last few years. I just see a roar of worship, a roar of love, a roar of adoration. I’m very excited because I believe there has been a culmination — a unity that is found in worship that is not found anywhere else — and we’re experiencing that here [at the Kingdom Come SA conference] with so many different tongues and tribes and backgrounds and ethnicities and nations.

“And I think what we are doing here is just a small taste of what God is doing across the nations.”


  1. What a mighty Saviour! Thanks for this inspiring story, seet against such an unlikely backdrop.

  2. Pastor Simon Martheze

    What an inspiring article. Thank you so much. May the fire of God keep burning across the world and esp across our beloved country SA. “Thy Kingdom come” God bless!